Ouija Board Game

The famed Ouija board has a reputation for being bold and adventurous as a pop culture phenomenon and a defining component of the horror film starter pack!

Ouija, or talking boards as they are more often known, are branded not for the faint of heart by the media because of their frightening and often unexplained means of contacting spirits, but are they really as terrifying as they appear?

What is Ouija Board?

Although talking boards had been around for a long time, Charles Kennard and his colleague Elijah Bond created and sold the official Ouija board. Bond did, after all, have a medium sister-in-law named Helen Peters. During a meeting with Kennard and Bond on April 25, 1980, the trio asked the board what it wanted to be called. The board's response, according to their letters and notebooks, was "Ouija." When they inquired about what this meant, the board just said "good luck."

The trademark term 'Ouija' refers to a spirit communication device known as a talking board, which is sold as a board game. It is divided into two sections–

  1. A heart-shaped planchette with an eye.
  2. A flat rectangular board with the alphabet on it.

Although it is not the only talking board on the market, the enigmatic name attracts the most attention.

How to Play Ouija Board Game?

It's one thing to decide to utilize an Ouija Board for the first time, but understanding the dos, don'ts, and words necessary for a smooth and safe experience can be intimidating for newcomers with no expertise in paranormal communication. To assist you to prepare for your next step into the paranormal world, here is a glossary of talking board terms:

  • Planchette – Ouija game comes with a heart-shaped portion with an eye or viewing glass where the message will be spelled out.
  • Seance – A gathering in which people hope to speak with the dead, usually with the help of medium or other spiritualists.
  • Necromancy – Magic, or the practice of communicating with the dead, is a type of magic.
  • Eye – The section of the planchette that shows the message in clear plastic or glass.
  • Conjure – Using magic to "call forth a spirit"
  • Divination – The practice of using supernatural means to gain knowledge (typically in the form of answers about the future).
  • Soothsayer – A forerunner is a person who foresees the future.

Ouija Board Rules

Ouija boards, despite their long history as fake spiritualist devices, hit toys, and devilish tools, will not genuinely put you in communication with demons or spirits. Any terrifying firsthand accounts of real-life Ouija board game horror stories you might hear or read are exaggerations, bogus claims, or a misunderstanding of how Ouija game boards genuinely work.

However, if you have a spiritual inclination, there are some guidelines to follow in order to have a safe experience:

  1. Sit In Darkness Or Candlelight: The environment you choose should be (preferably) dark and sound-free. A candle can be used to light the board sufficiently to see what the planchette is spelling.
  2. Never Play Alone: When using an Ouija board, the more people you have with you, the better. This indicates that there is greater energy available for connecting with a spirit. It's fine to have some people merely be viewers if not everyone can comfortably sit and touch the planchette.
  3. Never Play In a Graveyard: This rule is self-evident. Although graveyards appear to offer a 100 percent chance of connecting with anything from the spirit realm, they are also the most likely location to encounter a frightening presence that is beyond your control. So be cautious and never use an Ouija board game at a cemetery.
  4. Treat the Spirits With Respect: The most crucial guideline is to never challenge or provoke a spirit into communicating with you via the Ouija board game. This has the potential to be terrible. Always treat others with respect.
  5. Always Say Goodbye: Always say goodbye after you've finished communicating with the spirit. If you don't do so, the spirit will be able to follow you. When a hostile spirit is attempting to flee—as in the cases listed below—it is best to say your goodbyes:
  1. If a ghost begins talking with you through the board by counting down or going through the alphabet, say "goodbye" right away. This is a regular occurrence among ouija users who have encountered a bad ghost attempting to flee the board.
  2. If a ghost communicates with you by making a figure 8 or infinity symbol with the planchette, conclude the session by saying "goodbye." Malevolent spirits have manifested themselves in this fashion as well.
  3. If a ghost introduces itself as "Zozo," discontinue the conversation and say "goodbye" right away. Zozo is a terrible spirit, according to legend.
  4. If you feel you're in communication with a hostile spirit, end the session right away by setting the planchette to "goodbye."
  5. Always exit by directing the planchette towards "goodbye," whether the ghost does it on their own or you've had enough and wish to leave the chat. It seals the deal.
  1. Remove Plachette When Finished: The Plachette is a channel through which the spirit realm communicates with us. As a result, removing it after the session is finished assures both your and everyone else's safety.
  2. You Can Ask Anything: A spirit can also communicate with you in any way they wish. Even the information you don't want to hear, so proceed with caution. When it comes to ghost contact, the old adage "don't believe everything you hear" holds true. Be open, yet keep your guard up at the same time.
  3. Ask the Spirit to Introduce Themselves: Granted, it isn't required. Even so, knowing whether you're speaking to someone with whom you have a connection or simply an everyday Joe spirit who may not have the greatest of intentions for you is helpful.
  4. Only the Leader Can Ask Questions: It simply makes things easier and prevents the spirit from being overburdened with scattered energy. It's also regarded as proper etiquette if the leader doesn't raise foolish questions or publicly criticize the board's authority. For example, don't inquire, "What am I going to eat for dinner tonight?" or "I'm not sure about this, but whatever!" This depletes vitality and is likely to irritate the spirit.
  5. Write Down Answers: When the ouija game planchette is pointing at many letters at the same time, it can be quite perplexing. Anyone who isn't working the planchette should be writing down or recording the letters.

Poker vs Ouija Board


Ouija Board

Poker is a card game you play with friends.

Ouija is a board game used to communicate with the spirit world.

If you mess up in a poker game, you will only lose money.

If you mess up in an Ouija board game, you could lose your soul and risk a malevolent entity entering the earthly realm.

The objective of poker is to win and make money.

The objective of the Ouija board is to gain access to spirits.


Although Ouija boards might be entertaining, and you can learn how to play ouija board from the above article, they are not for everyone.

Phasmophobia is a fear of ghosts that affects some people. Many people enjoy the eerie and supernatural, but they can control their dread and anxiety. People who enjoy scary movies enjoy the rush of adrenaline they get from watching them. A person with this phobia, on the other hand, has a strong dread of ghosts and everything related to the supernatural.

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Ouija Game FAQs

1.) Is the Ouija scary?

If you do not know how to work for the board, the Ouija board game can be a scary affair. But with the right precautions and proper instruction, you can play this game.

2.) Is Ouija a true story?

Ouija is a marketing gimmick that turned into a full-blown myth and later became a living legend.

3.) Is Ouija board available in India?

Yes, the Ouija board is available in India.

If you've never used an ouija board game before, it's rather simple to operate. Whether you're using it alone or in a group, you'll be able to:

  • Place your fingers on the triangle object, also known as the planchette, very lightly.
  • During the first round, you'll pick a leader who will ask the questions.
  • Once a leader has been chosen, you'll summon a spirit to assist you in answering your questions.
  • After you've asked your first question, the planchette will either move through the alphabet on the board to spell anything out or simply point to "yes" or "no" in the planchette's top corners.
  • When the ghost, or whatever you want to call it, wants to leave, you'll hit "goodbye."