Card games generate enormous interest in Indians and are considered one of the best ways to pass time. The rules of most games are easy to understand, learn and execute, paving way for people of all ages to participate.

Festivals and common gatherings witness family members and friends engaging in friendly games using cards. Occasionally, these games will involve money to create a competitive atmosphere as well as of fun and entertainment.

There are many card games to choose from with one of the most revered being Rummy.

Thanks to technology, today, Rummy can be accessed and played online. Now, Rummy has its own set of variants that are all entertaining in regards to gameplay. Out of these online variations, Deals Rummy is largely preferred by card game aficionados

It is unique in its own way and is played using chips. All players at the table are charged a minimal fee to participate and upon doing so, they receive chips before the start of the game.

The chips are constantly in play during the course of the games and at the end of each deal, the winner receives the chips of other players as his or her reward. When all deals conclude, so does the game and the player with the most chips is declared the overall victor.

What is Deals Rummy?

Deals Rummy is a Rummy variant that is played using chips and for the duration of a fixed number of deals. Deal Rummy is largely popular in the card game community, as it gives players the chance to compete against each other and win actual cash rewards.

2 to 6 individuals can play this game at a given time with 13 cards each distributed among them. Like other Rummy games, your main objective here is to form sequences and sets, including one pure sequence, and while doing so, earn as many chips as possible from your adversaries because the one with the maximum number of chips wins.

Remember that declaring without a pure sequence is considered as an invalid declaration. In order to contest for the top prize, you need to have at least one pure sequence of three or more cards.

Rules of Deals Rummy card game

The Deals Rummy rules are easy to understand for players even if they are a novice. Below are its rules that you need to abide by –

  • As previously stated, 2-6 players can participate in this card game at a given time with 13 cards each dealt between them, face down. One card is placed face up on the table, which can be used as Joker

  • As previously stated, 2-6 players can participate in this card game at a given time with 13 cards each dealt between them, face down. One card is placed face up on the table, which can be used as Joker

  • The objective of Deals Rummy is to make melds using the cards. These combinations can either be pure or impure. However, it is mandatory to have at least one pure sequence to be in contention of winning the deal and eventually, the game

  • A random toss decides which player starts first, after which everyone takes turns to pick one card at a time from the closed deck to form sets or sequences and then discard an unwanted card face up into the open pile on the table

  • Once a player is done assembling his or her melds, they can demand a showdown by calling out ‘rummy’. This will lead to validation of their sets and sequences

  • If everything is in order, they win the deal and points are calculated for other players based on their remaining cards. Below is the value of the cards

  • Joker – 0 points
  • 2-9 – Same points as their face value
  • Jack, Queen and King – 10 points each
  • Ace – 10 points

The winner of the deal wins chips equal to the points they hold in the end. The game ends when the pre-decided number of deals is played out. The player who has the most chips wins the overall game.

How to Play Deals Rummy Game?

Deals Rummy Game uses two 52-card decks, meaning two printed Joker cards are used. Before the dealing begins, each player is allotted a specific number of chips, which is pre-determined.

A random toss takes place to determine who will commence the game. With the objective to form sets and sequences, each player draws and discards one card every individual turn until they have the desired result, upon which they can call ‘rummy’ and have their cards validated.

Remember that in order to call a valid declaration, a player must have a minimum of one pure sequence.

Since all players play for chips, the winner at the end of each deal is awarded certain number of chips as their winnings based on the points amassed by other players, which is calculated against the ranking of their remaining cards.

The player with the most chips at the end of all the deals wins the Deals Rummy Game.

Rules of Joker in Deals Rummy Game

In Deals Rummy Game, Joker comes in two variants – printed Joker as well as a card randomly selected at the beginning of a game. In case a table has 2 players, only one Joker is used, whereas in the occasion where there are 6 players, two Joker cards come into play.

Jokers, wild or printed, can be used to form sequences. Should the situation demand it, a player can use more than one Joker to make a set or sequence.

Cards Category in Deals Rummy Online

When it comes to categorising cards in Deals Rummy Online, they are classified from the low rank to the highest rank. While forming sets, Ace is considered a face card and is valued at 1 point and cards 2 to 9 carry their face value.

The Royal cards – Jack, Queen, and King – carry 10 points each.

Tips and Tricks for Deals Rummy

While playing Deals Rummy, there are certain strategies and tricks that players can incorporate in their approach to secure a strong place in the game.

Since a lot of skills go into it, knowing how to assess the cards and using them to their advantage can seemingly put the opponents on the backfoot. Below are some tips and tricks that can benefit players every time they play Deals Rummy –

Categorising the cards beforehand:

As soon as the players receive their 13 cards, they ought to categorise their cards right away. Online games offer the convenience of a sort button that can help in preventing manual classification of cards.

Doing so can help players know the cards they have or which ones they need to form sets and sequences.

Be quick on the feet:

Deals Rummy is a fast-paced game and can end within a matter of moves. It is essential that players plan out their approach at the beginning, as it will save them the time to constantly think in-between games and pivot.

Keeping cards for their own eyes:

One of the ways by which individuals give away hints about their sets is by picking cards from the open pile. If the opponents catch on, it won’t take them time to figure out the combinations that a player is planning to get.

Picking cards from the open pile should be applicable only while making the pure sequence.

Discard high-value cards:

Obtaining high-value cards from the closed and open piles can be difficult in Rummy. As a result, it is advisable to discard them as soon as possible since there is the chance of their points accumulating, which are on the higher side.

Chasing pure sequence:

As long as a player is relentless and chasing pure sequence, they are in the game for a win. Since pure sequence is a mandatory requirement for winner’s contention in Deals Rummy, creating one at the beginning of the game can be beneficial.

Mid-value cards are valuable:

Players can form multiple sets using mid-value cards and that too in quick succession. These cards are fast to come by and can run with multiple combinations, which is why focusing or cards 3 to 7 can be advantageous.

Using Joker smartly:

Joker cards, printed as well as wild, are the best ones to have in the game, as they can be used to form impure sequences. Additionally, since using more than one Joker in a set is legitimate, knowing when and where to place the Jokers can be the difference between a win and a loss.

Observing the opponents:

Keeping a close eye on the opponents can help in gaining insight into their sets. Accordingly, a player can strategise and derail their progress in the game.

How is Scoring Done in Deals Rummy?

In Deals Rummy, each card carries a dedicated number of points. As for counting of points, the rule is relevant only for the remaining players, who do not complete the game and are left with non-matching cards.

  • Cards 2 to 9 carry the same points as their face value

  • Although Ace is valued as 1 point when forming sequences, it is grouped alongside Royal Cards when counting points, and it carries 10 points

  • Royal Cards – Jack, Queen, and King – have 10 points each

  • Joker has 0 points

In Deals Rummy, each card carries a dedicated number of points. As for counting of points, the rule is relevant only for the remaining players, who do not complete the game and are left with non-matching cards.

There are separate rules for instances involving showdown wherein the losing players have not had their first chance. In such a scenario, the players’ non-matched cards are counted and the total is divided by half.

Also, under this situation, the maximum points a player can score is 40 points.

What are the Maximum Points a Player Can Get?

A player, who has not completed their sets and sequences, can get up to a maximum of 80 points. In a situation involving showdown where a player has not yet had their first turn, they receive 40 points maximum.

How are Winnings Calculated in Deals Rummy?

Calculation of winnings in Deals Rummy takes place after each deal concludes. The winnings are calculated as the total of all the points amassed by the opponents.

For instance, if one chip is valued at 1 and the losing players have amassed points 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50, the winner receives 150 chips.

How Does the Drop Option Work in Deals Rummy?

Drop is an option that is relevant in Deals Rummy online, which allows a player to leave the game while escaping any form of heavy penalty.

In a game where only 2 players are involved, the Drop option does not work. Conversely, if a player misses 3 turns, they get dropped from the game automatically. The points they receive is equal to the non-matched combinations, however, they are levied 80 points on paper.

Drop option comes into action in games where there are 3 or more participants with each player having access to leave the game as they please using this option. In order to be eligible to use Drop, a player must not have lifted a card from the open deck.

Other rules you should be aware of are first drop and middle drop. First drop, as the name suggests, is a situation where the player drops out at their first turn. In that case, they get 20 points. Middle drop involves a participant dropping out at any turn, but the first.

They get 40 points in such a scenario. If a player misses their turn thrice, they automatically drop out of the game and they get 40 points.

What is the Function of Chips in Deals Rummy?

Chips are an integral part of Deals Rummy, as winning chips is one of the objectives that the players play for. Each player is given a predetermined amount of chips at the beginning of a game.

At the end of each deal, points are calculated for players who have failed to produce full sequences and sets. These points are calculated against the chips and the winner wins the total amount of chips equal to the total number of points generated. The player with the most chips at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Best of 2 Deals Rummy

Best of 2 Deals Rummy is a Deals Rummy variant that involves 2 to 6 players, but ends after just two deals. The player with the least number of points at the end of both deals wins.

Points are then calculated based on which the winner gets the losing opponents’ chips. A tiebreaker comes into play if the game gets tied at the end of two deals.

Best of 3 Deals Rummy

Best of 3 Deals Rummy can comprise 2 to 6 players and the game comes to a close after 3 deals. The game proceeds like any other Deals Rummy variant, including distribution of chips among the players.

Here, too, the player with the least number of points as compared to their adversaries wins the game. If one of the participants gets 80 points within 2 rounds, the winner can be announced. Similar to 2 Deals Rummy, a tiebreaker is held in the end if the game has no winners.

Best of 6 Deals Rummy

Best of 6 Deals Rummy is played with 2 players and is played for the length of 6 deals before the winner gets announced. The player, who has accumulated the lowest points, is declared as the winner. In case of a tie, a tiebreaker is played at the end of the 6th deal.

What is Deal Show in Deals Rummy?

Deal Show involves a situation wherein a valid declaration has been made by a player, but one or more losing player has not played their first turn. In this case, the total points of the losing players are slashed to half. For example, if a losing player has 40 points, their tally now becomes 20 points.

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