Want to learn Poker? Here are 8 steps to begin with!

Last updated on : 23 Mar, 2021

Want to learn Poker? Here are 8 steps to begin with!

There are a lot of sites out there that offer online Poker. Also, there are a bunch of people who love and the game and fantasise on winning it one day but don’t really know how to ace the game. These are the players who desperately want to learn the game and also master it at the same time. For such beginners, here are a few tips:

  1. Learn the table positions: Having an appropriate position is very crucial in Poker. There are small and big blinds that start from the left hand side of the dealer. The ones sitting towards the left go first (First-Position) and the one towards dealer’s right (Last-Position) is the last one to go.

  1. Filters are key: There are a lot of filters available for each of the players. For beginners, it is suggested to filter out and start with 6 players on the table. And chose the game you are most comfortable playing. Also set the date. Add those filters to your game to learn the art nicely.

  1. Learn the rankings: Apart from all the hustle about the best hand-worst hand, the person who holds the highest-value card owns the game!

  1. Follow Pre-flop Actions: Pre-flop begins with the players sitting on the left hand side of the Big Blind and the game goes on clockwise. Here, people have three courses of action - folding, calling, and raising. All the players go through the same set and only after that, the betting gets over.

  1. Trace your blinds: Blinds give you a lot of profits but are also risky at times. When all the players have folded, you have the golden opportunity to choose your play and steal the attention and the game. With a good game, Poker sites also give you a score count, based on your play.

  1. Learn Post-flop actions: In the Post-flop, you have the chance to check and alter any mistakes. There are about 4-5 cards that let you bet, call or announce a flop, depending on the game.

  1. Track your continuation bets: Nobody wants the other players to know your strategies and learn what would be your next move. A good strategy is to keep a constant check on your bets and also the bets of the opponents.

  1. Be ready and alert for the next round: Once the game is over, it’s time for the next round!. Try and deal on a table that’d make you win more and lose less money.

These are the basic tips for the players who are trying Poker for the first time. be alert, watch some nice videos and follow the above tips to master the game!!

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