10 Tells in Poker to look for!

Last updated on : 19 Jun, 2024

Poker Tells

Almost all the Poker experts out there have their own set of strategies that they believe in and use to set their game on fire. Freshers don’t really believe in reading out tells because they think it is contradictory and insufficient as they don’t really reveal much of the Poker tricks.

There are also many poker books and articles available online and in the market on Poker tells that one can refer to understand the Poker tells better.

Remember, people are always observing you when you are on the table. Keep your eyes wide open and your head up to observe the behavior and body language of your opponents, to be aware of their moves each time.

Here are the top 10 Poker tells:

1. Quiet but cunning:

It is often observed that the players who are quiet and act as if they’re weak, are usually also the ones who are the most powerful contenders. Observe the one who is shrugging. He might be the one intending to take the entire pot home.

2. Slick eye contact:

In the general sense, people who tend to be afraid and avoid eye contact are considered as weak or not confident. People who are relaxed and look around and try to get your attention with their eye contact are the ones who have a set game with cards that’d certainly take them to the win.

Pros pick up these signs and predict your cards with ease. Don’t let them get the idea of your strength or weakness. Rather, be the one who looks around constantly, waiting for their opponents signal.

3. Instant bets:

Instant bets are a thing yes! For the players who are confident with their cards, without putting a lot of thought behind it, they place their bets on the table.

Such bets are either strong hands or a definite bluff. Sometimes, players do take some time to strategize and think about the size of the bet to be placed. That’s when they do have a strong hand and they’re waiting to put forth a correct amount for their hand.

4. A hesitant player is easily identified:

Players seem to hesitate and take enough pauses before making a bigger deal in Poker. Such players are the ones who are holding those big hands and have the perfect bet to kill everybody else’s energy.

They’re also the ones who will announce ‘a bet’ or ‘a raise’ and then take a pause again to rethink about the bet size. Get the sign and start planning your move in such a case.

5. Constant fidgeting and twitching:

Fidgeting and twitching is an immediate sign of nervousness and is picked up instantly by other players. So if you’re the one who keeps twitching or fidgeting, chances are you will end up being the one people have sympathy on.

6. Protecting the hole card:

There are certain players who have the habit of safeguarding their strong hands with a protector and start the game slowly.

Have a look around you and count out the one who’s been protecting their winning cards and concentrate on the one who has kept their cards a secret.

7. Chip splashing:

The one who keeps on splashing his/her chips and shows that they’re strong and confident are the same players who are weak and are counting their chips to save themselves from going down the drain. Their actions show extra force in the game.

8. Table talking:

When players get involved in table talk, they look bold and fearless. This comes out as obvious because people don’t prefer talking while they’re busy thinking about their moves. These chirpy players are identified easily and can be considered as weak players.

9. Cracking jokes:

Bluffers take the time to try and crack silly jokes to distract their opponents from the game so they can’t win. Doing so, they get the opportunity to start their bluff and win the game.

10. Nervous laughter:

A nervous laughter or a smirk is the sign that something is not right. This is when players pretend that they’re thinking and smile because they want you to know they’re nervous!

To make it to the top in poker, having a good understanding of tells is also mandatory along with good mathematical skills.

Also, you know your fellow players are watching you all the time. Don’t give them an opportunity to take advantage of the situation and instead be the one understanding the body language and beating them all only to take the entire pot home!

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