Using A Poker Check to Your Advantage

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

If you're a professional poker player or a novice at the game, one variant you will get hooked in poker is Texas Hold'em. This is the first game you will learn once you learn poker and a variant you'll end up playing always. Hold'em is quite simple to understand, really, but once you start playing it, you'll realize it is much more intricate than it sounds. One such move which is essential is the check in poker.

Poker check means you refuse to open the betting. You pass up the opportunity to bet, but it's only possible if the betting round hasn't already begun. You would check when you play poker online or offline too. You can also you the check-raise move to trap your fellow players. You can check when it's your turn and then raise the bet once the player next to you gets done with their betting. This action can be useful if you have a winning hand and want more money in the pot or if you're bluffing and have a trash hand.

A few things that might be helpful while using the check-raising technique is that you're supposed to be the first one to do it and confident enough to know that the opponent who's after you will bet a massive amount. This way you'll always have the upper hand.

Today we'll talk about how using check strategically help improve your game significantly. Each move in the game, if appropriately applied, can help sharpen your game. So why exactly do you use check in poker?

Either you have a bad hand, or you're not confident enough about your cards and want to check your opponent's cards. Poker players check to set a trap for their fellow players. This is an effective strategy.

A tip you need to remember about poker check is not to use it frequently. Usually, poker players check and fold if they have marginally good hands to trash hands. But doing this would give too much away. So, it is advisable not to use it frequently.

Another helpful tip is bluffing. Bluffing doesn't mean you overplay your hand. You can bluff your opponent's into thinking you don't have a trash hand instead of using the poker check. This way, you can last longer in the game, and the chances of winning also increase. You can intimidate your opponents into folding their cards. This, however, only works if there are fewer players on the table. If the number of players is more than the chances of bluffing and getting away with it are slim. You can bluff and call, but this is also a risk since the player you are calling can have better cards than yours.

The next tip is a bit tricky because you need to use it scarcely and cautiously. Using check and raise together will help your game a lot. It is not a common thing to do both together. So you can use a check and then raise the bet. This is how you get to your opponent's and weaken their game.

Another thing which makes poker check a good move is if its used strategically to keep the pot size small in case you have a marginal hand. Usually, poker players consider checking as a sign of weakness. If you're trying to disguise a hand that is strong and has the potential of winning the pot, then you should go for it but with a strategy in place. Remember that it shouldn't adversely affect your poker game.

You can indicate that you want to check by tapping on the table or using a finger. These are the indicators usually used to denote you wish to check. However, what you need to be aware of while checking is that not to give away too much with your facial expressions. It would be best if you keep your poker face in check all the time. Even the slightest facial cue might give away a lot then you can imagine.

So, a check is a strategic move that could lead you to win the pot if you used it effectively. Using check with raise or check and fold all these techniques, especially if appropriately used in Hold'em, and Omaha games, can classify as a successful move. Games like seven-card stud might not use a check as a move due to specific game rules. But it gets used in other popular variants as mentioned above and as per the proceedings of the game. You might not always grasp the concept by just reading the article on poker check. However, what can help you along with this article is if you go online and start playing poker tournaments and games—nothing like gaining first-hand experience. So, go get playing.

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