The Right Way to Play Trash Hands in Poker

Last updated on : 05 Jun, 2024

Being dealt with trash hands in online poker is not a rare occurrence, and it happens to almost every player regardless of their skill and experience level. Trashy poker hands or bad poker hands are a stern reminder of the game's harsh nature where you're only as good as your current performance.

You must have heard it being said by non-poker players that the game of cards is all about luck. While this claim is untrue, there is no denying that an element of chance is part of poker without which your skill alone cannot win you the pot.

The biggest example of this is in playing trash hands at the table because the cards you're dealt with are not in your control.

Learning to Play Trash Hands in Poker Balance Your Game

Poker rules do not control or manipulate the cards you have available for yourself at any time. However, what you make of those cards and how close you're able to reach the pot is what determines your skill and experience.

Whether you use bluffing strategies, or you utilize your high cards properly, the type of hands you hold and the way you convert the game in your favor speaks volumes of your caliber. Certain times you will see players patiently waiting for a straight or flush draw.

They won't even attempt to play until they have the suited connectors or pocket pairs that they seek. This conservative and tight play won't help because you need to take your chances to win poker games.

Similarly, some players play too loosely where it doesn't matter which cards they hold, they always join the action, and that isn't good either. Therefore, it is important to find a balance so that you don't solely rely on the dealer. This is where we can now talk about a few helpful ways of playing trash hands in poker.

Steal the Blinds

While you're at the table, look around and see if there's anyone else struggling just as much as you. There are chances that even some other players have not been dealt with good hands, and this information is useful to you.

If you find someone to bet in a losing streak or haven't played very well, you should go after them when they are at the small or big blind positions. Raise and cause them to fold. However, if they re-raise, then quit the strategy and wait for another chance.

Join the Action Wisely

Table positions are vital when it comes to playing poker. There's a frame of mind required to play as per the spot you're at. If you hold weak hands and if you're facing a raise from the middle position, you might want to fold.

However, playing with weaker cards should also mean that you ought to be the first to join the action and raise. Be careful with this strategy because you do not wish to raise an aggressive player who cause you to go all-in. Observe how other players are making their moves, notice their patterns, and then play accordingly.

Play with Small Pairs

Most players tend to think of pairs as the worst of the lot, but that isn't the case. Smaller pairs could be more helpful to you than you would assume, and they could help you make the most out of your situation.

Playing smaller pairs could result in you making a successful flop. The only thing to bear in mind would be the timing of playing such pairs for the flop. Remember, if you have a hand like this, you shouldn't delay your chances because you’ll keep lagging behind. If you have it, go for it and don't wait.

Fold When All Fails

Soon after the flop, you'll know if your trashy hands are worth taking a swing for the fences, and that is when an honest assessment of the circumstance is needed.

You must analyze your cards and judge if they're worth it compared to those of your opponents. If you think you can go for it, then well and good, but if you know your hand isn't going to do well, then stay tight and fold if necessary.

Do not be egoistic by continuing to play a game where you're only going to run into losses. If you get out of this table, you can join another one where you can win very well. So, when nothing works, fold without hesitation.

In Conclusion

Learning to play trash hands in poker will always ensure that you're safe because it isn't daily that you're going to be dealt with profitable cards.

Most players lose interest in the game when they start to face a few bad dealings, and this could cause them to tilt and end in a phase of bad beats.

Thankfully for you, we have many more interesting topics covered on the official Spartan Poker website to improve your game and learn new lessons in poker.

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