Tips to Play HORSE Poker Games

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

Tips to Playing HORSE Poker Games

Mixed formats of game poker are fast becoming popular on many of today's biggest online poker sites. Players are looking to make their game more diverse and increase their abilities in more than one game. Having that in mind, Horse poker is the most popular of current mixed formats of games. This model incorporates the world's five most famous poker games into one action-packed game that cycles every game through.

It is very important that you understand clearly all the games involved in the format before you sit down and dive into the Horse format. Although Texas Hold'em is clearly the world's most popular poker game, have you ever sat down for a hand or two of Razz poker? Perhaps not, let 's look at some short tips for the more challenging games of Horse with that in mind:

Razz is a seven-card stud only played for the low hand. At first, it can be very frustrating, so this is certainly not a game you want to fool around with when you play Horse poker for the first time. Do yourself a favor and buy into a razz table with a low limit and know the ins and outs of this game before you attempt to take it on in Horse poker.

Omaha hi lo and seven-card stud hi lo are both games where players search for a high half of the pot and a low half of the pot to take. If you are not familiar with low hands or how to work them out, then you will probably need some practice at these two games before jumping into Horse poker game. Find a cheap low limit table just like in razz, buy-in, and get your feet wet.

While most players are likely to come to a Horse poker table from their experience with Hold'em, you need to consider the fact that it will also likely be a strong game for everyone else. Make sure you can manage the same limits on your own in a regular Hold'em game before you enter a middle or high stakes Horse poker game. There are some very good players out there at a wide variety of games that have outstanding Horse tournament strategy.

Specific Low Stakes Horse Strategies

Unlike any other low-risk poker games, while playing Horse poker, you will want to stick to a policy of selective violence. What we mean by this is that when you decide to enter the pot with a given a hand, you need to be selective with which starting hands you play, and then you have to be aggressive. For each game, a strong knowledge of the best starting hands is completely important. Here are a couple of other low-stakes pointers:

  • Low stakes games are where players who are good at certain games and bad at others are most common. Look particularly for players who really cannot comprehend games like razz or Omaha hi lo, winning here is incredibly easy at times.
  • Bet and raise frequently, particularly in blind games with pre-flop. You need to eliminate players who are tempted to call you down to the river all too often and suck out long-shot draws. The easiest way to mitigate this is always to bet and raise if you have hands that merit it.

Mixed poker games like Horse poker, and 8-Game are rising at a rapid pace in online popularity. Thinking players are finding such games highly lucrative as they draw huge numbers of novice 'friendly' players.

  • Strategy Tip 1 – The Hold 'em round

Fixed limit betting results in some changes that will sometimes be overlooked by adversaries more used to betting on No-Limit. Firstly, starting hand values favor the hands with high cards above smaller pairs and suitable connectors. Since the pot size is smaller than your initial investment, it is more difficult to get 'paid off' with those 'high implied-odds hands' that rely on hitting concealed monsters. Secondly, raising hands in a position that you might only have called within no-limit can often be profitable. Preventing blinds from seeing the flop and putting themselves on a late spot raiser also produces lucrative after-flop situations. Keep a watch on players who will always open the pot with any-2 when folded to later if your hand recalls being a favorite over their range; then, your positional disadvantage may be balanced by hitting your opponent on the steal.

  • Strategy Tip 2 – Omaha Hi-Lo Split

The advice here is to make sure that every hand you play has scooping potential – either by simultaneously winning both sides of the bowl or by hitting a high monster with no low aboard. Many Horse poker game players have over-value hands 'bar Ace-Two,' placing multiple bets with them before the flop and drawing to a low. This often leads to quartering and often loses the entire pot when an ace or two hits on a later round to falsify the players low. Suitable small cards with an as are ideal starting hands, you can loosen up from a position in this game and should not bluff frequently mixed poker games fish will call with nearly anything.

  • Strategy Tip 3 – Razz

The low-only 7-card Stud variant is a very straight-forward game to play. While circumstances occur to make 'runs,' over time, the strong game will prevail – simply because the opponents make so many mistakes. As with all Stud Poker games, monitoring and remembering folded cards is very important-they have a more significant impact on your chances of making a hand than most people realize. Having a 'live' low often increases your chances in a pot by up to 30 percent compared to those times you need to fold several cards already. Making money in the Razz Round can also be as easy as waiting for a strong low and actively betting – your opponents sometimes chase their own hands when they are already beaten.

  • Strategy Tip 4 – 7 Card Stud

Remember, there is one more betting round in all Stud Poker games when compared to Hold 'em. This makes it more dangerous to enter a pot – since you can get 'priced in' to call (by comparing the pot to your chances of hitting your hand) all the way to the river. Therefore, it is advised to be careful with starting hands. Folded cards are vitally important again. For example, if you draw straight on 3rd street, the 2-rank cards become significant away from your own cards. If you are making a 4 straight, then seeing 2 of the required 2-rank cards away can reduce your outs from 8 to 6. When dealing with a pair in 7-card Stud, you should make sure that no other cards of you are visible, even if no cards match your kicker.

  • Strategy Tip 5 – 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo 8-or-Better

Suited-Babies are the prime hands of Stud's high-low split variant. Something you will sometimes note in mixed games is that opponents exaggerate their high-pair paws. A pair of queens (for example) are in bad shape in this game against A-3-5, especially if the low hand has many 'live' outs to the low, flush, or pair of aces. Although quartering is not as prevalent as in Omaha Hi-Lo, there is a danger in this game of being 'sandwiched.' This happens when you're stuck between someone betting a high hand and someone else betting a better low – unless you feel you've got a nut hand (or sometimes a two-way draw), you should fold early when that looks like a possibility.

Horse Poker strategy for Sit and Go's

Sit n Go's are being seen more and more at famous online card rooms these days in the mixed game Horse poker format. There are a few tactics you will need to follow to play this fun and challenging mixed game version that might be a change from your regular game. As Sit n Go's can escalate and lose players fast, the game 's name is entirely about adaptation and constantly changing.

You will be playing Texas Hold'em during the initial sit n go round, and this is probably where most people will be comfortable. You want to use this round to get to know how your opponents are playing quickly. Watch out for loose maniacs or players playing too many starting hands, as this will most likely be a strong indication of how they will be playing in later rounds.

The main point, though, is to play tight in the first few rounds. To be successful in the tournament's later rounds, you need to have a nice chip stack. The thing is if you get low on chips to the Seven Card Stud games, you will have trouble making a lot of money when you get a good deck. Seven Card Stud can be very expensive with more betting rounds than Omaha or Hold'em.

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