An Introduction to Dangerous Poker Hands

Poker winning is based on making the right decision because it is a game of circumstances, people, and place. Yet before you are proclaimed a winner, you need to know the danger hands in poker and how to prevent them.

Danger hands are simply the cards you are prohibited from playing but do so because they are enticing and very lucrative with tremendous potential for winning. Here is a list of frequently misplayed hands to look for, without following any specific order.

  • K-Q


Although K-Q is a good holding, you will also encounter trouble with dominant hands. That is why you need to mitigate potential problems by making sure you lift, particularly if you are the first person to join the pot. You might even think about re-raising with it in a short-handed game, or against an aggressive player who opened with a lot of hands, particularly if you have got a place on them.

If your raise is challenged by a non-tricky player, you will generally fold because their raise of ABC usually means that they either overpower you (with a hand like Q-Q or A-K) or that they are marginally ahead with a pair of pockets. Finally, never limp in with K-Q in a multi-way pot. You offer hands that play well mob-handed like appropriate connectors and low pocket pairs the benefit of this. In a heads-up pot, just raise or play.

Post flop

The real K-Q danger hands in poker point are on the flop. When you do not hit, you can get away from your side, but if you make the top pair and get a lot of action, it is hard to know where you're standing. Let us assume you are keeping K-Q and Qs-10c-8c is a flop. You have made top pairs, and you always have the best side.

  • Ace- rag


Ace-rag usually means A-9 and below unsuitable (or suitable when there is no flush capacity on the flop). Adjectives for how dangerous playing these hands can be to your long-term advantage in Hold'em have not been invented. The only time they have actual value is when you fire all-in during a short-stack tournament or in a short-handed or heads-up scenario.

Post flop

Ace-rag is hard to play with. You just don't know if you're ahead or behind when you flop an Ace and get action, let alone when you flop your kicker (e.g. you have A-8, and the flop is Q-8-2). Most of the time you 're going to have no hand at all, and when you do you 're not going to be able to stand any major action, or you're going to end up being milked slowly by someone with a bigger Ace than yourself. This, unfortunately, is not a good place to be in.

  • Suited connectors


The danger hands in poker of preflop involve investing too much cash or chips and playing them out of position. You must realize that those poker hands draw hands and have almost no preflop interest. You do not invest in Eight-high money but in the implied chances of getting paid off when you make flushes and straights. For that reason, you 're just hoping to see a flop when you're deep-stacked with your rivals. Therefore, do not get into the habit of playing them regularly in elevated pots. If you are the raiser, it is a completely different matter, because your unorthodox play disguises your hand. So, if you are involved with suitable connectors, make sure that either you are the aggressor, that it is in a limped pot, or that you are playing against a particular player.

Because much of your play with them is going to be post-flop, make sure that you are in a position when you reach the pot because, after the flop, they are incredibly hard to play out of place.

Post flop

There are two major problems following the flop with the appropriate connectors. The first is where you catch part of the flop and have the best hand, or maybe not. So, you play 8c-7c, for example, and the flop is Jh-8d-5s. You may have the best hand against one opponent, or you might get crushed. Your hand is not very solid, and you should note that you played the right connectors to make a big hand. Do not get tricked into putting in this kind of marginal spot too many chips in the centre.

The second major danger is that you get lost in the hand-especially if you are out of position. Let us say you are playing 7d-6d and 10d-9s-2d comes in the flop, so you're the first to act. The flush draw and gutshot make it a decent flop for you, but from here it is hard to play.

Counteract these risks by playing appropriate connectors in place so you can monitor the action, but make sure that the full benefit is produced while making a big side. You are playing those speculative hands and preflop taking the worst of it so you can get paid out when you hit.

  • A-K


Typically, being very violent when holding A-K before the flop is usually right. It is, after all, a favorite overall bar pocket pairs and even then, it's usually just a coin-flip. The side is only ever in very bad trouble against K-K (winning about 30 per cent) and A-A (winning 8-11 per cent). In most tournament situations, if you get all of your chips in preflop, you rarely do much wrong.

A common mistake often made by players is to call for a big re-raise with A-K for a decent portion of their stack – say, 30 per cent – and then fold when missing. Remember you 're just going to make a pair about a third of the time on the flop, so if you're going to play a big pot with A-K, you 're probably better to re-shove all-in preflop. This could force your opponents to fold and, if not, you will at least see all five cards improving.

Post flop

If your A-K on the flop does not change, you can usually fold in the face of strength, until you have drawn the nut flush of course. The hardest decisions come when you are doing top pair, top kicker. The problem is that with anything less, a good player would unlikely play a big pot against you. Only imagine you are keeping A-K on a rainbow flop K-6-5.

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