Tips For First-Timers of Poker Freeroll Tournaments

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Poker freeroll tournaments are the online poker world's way of giving you a leg-up, a bankroll boost for when the times are hard if you will. But, if you want to successfully negotiate these poker freeroll tournaments without turbulence, you are going to need a sound strategy. Although it is impossible to find poker freeroll tournaments with less than 500 participants, it is much more common to see large fields when the prize pool is humongous. Getting through these throngs of hapless grinders is going to take a certain scale of fortune in your favour along with some skilful play.

Let's learn some tips for novice poker players to win at online poker games.

1. Avoid Early All-Ins

The constant bombarding of all-ins at the early stages of poker freeroll tournaments can often be enough to make you go on tilt and do something stupid and costly. While ignoring this kind of thing can be difficult, it is the right thing to do. Remain patient and only call all-ins when you are sure you have the winning hand or if you have a good read on your opponent.

2. Don't Contract FPS

FPS - Fancy Play Syndrome is when a player tries to make clever moves against his/her opponents who are not wise enough to spot when they are beat. Because people don't have to invest any money to play poker freeroll tournaments, it means they are much more willing to call the shots. Indeed, in the early stages especially it makes more sense to bet 100 chips as a bluff in order to win 30 chips simply because the players around you are likely less experienced. But, always remember to avoid FPS and being conservative in crucial spots if you want to become successful at online poker games.

3. Treat Your Chips Like Gold

Having said that, don't overplay your hands when you connect with the flop if you play Omaha poker online. It is imperative to note that you shouldn't over commit to chips either. Just because you raise preflop with a good hand doesn't mean you should be willing to stick all your chips in the same pot. Flops can be dangerous and may contain a number of draws. So, it is essential to understand that betting more chips is more dangerous than necessary, and you shouldn't do it.

4. Beating the Bubble

Without a doubt, the most effective strategy to play poker freeroll tournaments is to bluff when the player is on the bubble. Because the money is close and the players don't want to throw away all their hard work for no return, it is possible to push someone off the boat with enough pressure. While you should not be throwing chips around, you should be willing to pressurize the player you know are looking to squeeze into the money. So, be willing to bluff with these guys at every opportunity, but also be willing to back off if they decide to put up some good old resistance.

Final Words of Advice

If you are able to put all this information into your head and lay it into an overall poker strategy, you will find that you can make life extremely difficult for your opponents. This is something which will earn you a lot more money in the long run. So, play poker online, but play smart.


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