Poker Terms that Will Help You Study Poker Easily

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Poker Terms that Will Help You Study Poker Easily

Every poker variant has its own terms and poker has a long list of it. In the case of poker, these terms add a kind of spice to the entire routine of playing the sport. So, if you are lagging behind in the terminology, here is a list of the most important poker terms that can help you understand the conversations at poker tournaments.


Let's Begin!


1. All-in

All-in means to run out of chips while betting or calling. In poker tournaments, a player may not go into his/her pocket for more money during a hand. If they run out, a side pot is created where no interest is levied. However, the player can still win the pot for which he/she had the chips.


2. Ante

An ante is a small portion of a bet that is contributed by each player to seed the pot at the beginning of an online poker tournament. Most games of Texas Holdem do not have an ante, they use blinds to get the ball rolling.


3. Broadway

Broadway refers to the highest possible straight a player can hit in the game. The term was generated from the popularity of the famous Broadway in Manhattan, New York. The hand is nicknamed in this manner because of the high-end building that is sprawling across the Manhattan skyline.


4. C-bet

A C-bet is a bet made by a player who raised the pre-flop. By doing so, the player continues to try to achieve his/her goal of winning the pot.


5. Dark Tunnel Bluff

Dark tunnel bluff is a common term used in poker tournaments that means repetition of c-bet on multiple stages like pre-flop, flop, turn, and river simply because you want to keep betting. However, you are doing so without thinking it through. You are basically trying to bluff on below-average hands.


6. Flat Call

The flat call is a technique used in online poker when a player is slow playing. A flat call, also known as a smooth call is calling a bet with an above-average hand on which many players would like to raise.


7. Four-bet

A four-bet is another basic terminology of poker tournaments that simply means when a player re-raises a three-bet.


8. Hole Cards

Hole Cards are the cards dealt face-down to each player at a game of Texas Holdem and the first four cards in Omaha Poker tournaments.


9. Orbit

An orbit refers to an entire cycle of the poker tournament in which one player is sitting at the dealer position. It is a common measure used to determine the length of the game. An orbit is similar to a lap in racing games.


10. Pot Odds

Pot Odds is the amount of money in the pot that is compared to the amount you must put in to continue playing. For example, suppose there are Rs 60 in the pot, someone bets Rs. 6, so the pot total now becomes Rs. 66. It costs you Rs. 6 to call. So, your pot odds are 11:1.


11. Poker RNG

Poker RNG stands for Poker Random Number Generator. Every online poker website uses a certain RNG in order to generate random numbers that lead to random cards. Poker RNG generates random sets of numbers that aid in placing a card in a particular position. After the complete deck is created, it is used for a particular hand.


Now that you have become a street smart poker player, it is time to be where all the action takes place: Online Poker Tournaments. Come and play at the big tables and make yourself some money.

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