Poker Rules

Spartan Poker offers the most popular variants of online poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Pot-Limit Omaha, etc. On the website, you can play no-limit versions of Texas Hold'em and Pot-limit version of Omaha but the poker game rules for both remain quite similar. Both these online poker games begin with forced bets where all players compete for the pot.


Poker Game Rules:

Learn Basic Rules of Poker Games at Spartan Poker Spartan Poker has its own customized software that offers some of the best features across the poker industry. Some of the poker game rules that players should know while playing online poker games at Spartan Poker as follows:-


1. Rake Rules


While playing online poker on Spartan Poker, a fee is deducted from each hand by the house according to the rake chart. The nominal fee is called the Rake and is calculated in accordance with international poker websites and as per industry norms. Rake charged varies in different formats of online cash games, tournaments, and Sit and Go's.


2. Table Stakes Rules


All online poker games on Spartan Poker are played at table stakes, this means only the chips in play at the beginning of each hand can be used to raise and bet during a game. A player cannot add more chips to his/her stack during the game. A player can request for add-on during the game, but the request will be processed only after the game has ended. If a player doesn't have enough chips to place a bet, then the player has to go "All In". He/she is then eligible for that portion of the pot, up to the point of the last bet placed by him/her.


3. All in Rules (and Side Pot)


Each betting hand is associated with a pot. The chips that are bet at the end of each hand are placed in the corresponding pot. Therefore, normally there would be 4 pots. In case one or more active players run out of chips to call a bet, they have the option to go All-in. In such a case, the pot is split. The main pot contains the chips put in by the player who went all-in plus an equal amount of chips from all active players, and the side pot contains the remaining amount. Note: The player who went all-in in the current hand is not entitled to anything in the side pot. The winner of the side pot is decided based on the other players. The all-in player is entitled only to win the amount kept in the main pot plus the amount placed in the pots of previous hands where he/she participated.


These are just a few of the poker game rules essential to remember while playing online poker games at Spartan Poker. To know more about the rules of poker games, visit