The beauty of online poker is that it is a game of uncertainty and incomplete information. It heavily relies on skills in probability, psychology, and effective emotion regulation. You may have a strong understanding of numbers and a clear advantage, but if you don't have the temperament to consistently act rationally in the face of wins and losses, nothing else matters.

Effective aggression in online poker requires an accurate read of the opponent's card, a firm grasp on his/her thought process, and a stable dose of self-belief.

Confidence is another necessity for success in online poker because it is a game of odds stacked against you in the short-term. A lack of confidence can often become a hurdle between where you are and where you want to go.

Here are 3 ways to hack your life like professional poker players.

1. Odds are Your Friend

A lot of people are intimidated by math, especially when it is being used at a poker table. That is unnecessary as it is just one of the factors to help you make an informed decision. The level you want to take it completely depends on you. Let's not get into the gory details of the concepts, in simple terms, just remember, always assess your situation, and if the reward>risk that means the odds are in your favour. So, go for it.

2. It's Natural to Lose Part of the Time

Here's another secret: Even the best professional poker players in the world lose. Sometimes they even look like complete idiots while doing it. The reason is that online poker has a large element of luck. You can get ridiculously lucky against a professional poker player and take his/her entire stack. Professional poker players can have a bad phase, but generally, when enough hands are played they will come out on top. So, don't concentrate on the short term results, don't get down when one game doesn't go your way. Instead, play poker to perfect the process and results will come naturally.

3. Don’t Get Too Attached to a Hand

A major problem with novice players is they get way too attached to aces, especially when the dealer puts on a dangerous board with cards that can give opponents flush and straight possibilities. All the signs indicate to get out, but players hate the idea of waiting for another hand to potentially win a big pot. Professional poker players have the ability to be more clinical and carefully assess the situation. If the situation is right, these poker pros have the confidence to fold pocket kings before the flop because they sniffed aces. That is how unattached you have to be to a particular hand if you want to become a professional poker player.

All You Need to Know

Confidence is more about the belief that you are capable of doing something. These hacks will get you only a minuscule amount of confidence you need to play poker online. But, in order to become a professional poker player, you need so much more than that. You need knowledge, you need expertise, and most of all, you need confidence and practice. So, play poker online and build your confidence. With each winning hand you will boost up your confidence and one day you'll push past the boundaries and may never look back.