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Last updated on : 13 Jun, 2024


Indoor games have a deep connection with our childhood memories. Ludo, Rummy and the list is long. Waiting for weekends, summer breaks, winter breaks, and night stays with cousins to play games with them are the best memories from everybody’s childhood.

One such game that has been made to the top of our games list is Carrom. One of the most played games by generations in India. Be it your childhood or your elderhood, carrom has been there to uplift your entertainment quotient.

Originating in India, carrom has been reigning in many parts of the world. This tabletop game is known by different names across the globe but the love and passion for the game are indistinguishable.

Many clubs and cafes all over the world conduct regular carrom tournaments to maintain the love and enthusiasm for the game. The word carrom means ‘strike and rebound’ and so do the rules of the game. 

From being played in Indian households to international tournaments, carrom has made a special place in people’s hearts. The game became popular in India after World War 1, and it has taken the lead since then. The rules of the game are very simple but have mended a little with generations.

The Indian Carrom Federation is the body that controls the rules of the game. The body is responsible for ranking players, organizing tournaments and presenting awards. ICF has several national affiliates namely- the Australian Carrom Federation, United States Carrom Association and All-India Carrom Federation.

With a lot of changes being made in the game, one more thing that has changed is the way of playing the game. With digitization blessing our lives, games have joined hands with it. 

Owing to the triumph of digitalization during the pandemic, one thing that has kept us sane during the pandemic is online gaming. Online gaming has made entertainment available to us anytime, anywhere.

Games like ludo, cards, carrom, cricket and a lot more can now be played online with an additional perk of earning money while playing. Real money earning games has been a great source of earning for all of us.

Carrom is one such game which can help you earn a bomb. There are many real money carrom apps in India, but you need to choose the best one for yourself which helps you earn the amount of money that you wish for.

How can you earn money by playing carrom online?

In order to win the most amount of money, start by downloading the carrom earning app. Explore the app a little to know about all the other games available and the features of the app. You can play the game for free for entertainment and practice but obviously, you can’t make money out of it.

Or you can play competitions/tournaments with other players to be benefited from the real money-earning apps and make the most of it. You need to add the amount to your account to play the carrom money-earning game.

You must give it your 100% if you want to win the game along with a lot of money. Invest all that you have learnt in your childhood about carrom and its techniques.

How to improve your chances of winning?

Carrom is an easy game but knowing the right techniques is the key to winning the game. For the starters, practice, practice and practice. As they say, ‘practice makes a man perfect. Practice as much as you can to ace the game and increase your chances of winning.

Don’t get stressed by the opponent's moves, stay calm and focus on your game. Don’t jump to the result immediately if you see the opponent performing well, play your moves patiently and learn from the opponent.

Observe the opponent’s game and read his mind. Try to park your coins near the opponent’s coins so that he/she finds it difficult to move the coins. Try to flick the striker in the right direction with the right speed. Don’t rush, take your time and think about your next move. Use shots like thumb shot, middle finger shot and regular straight shots. 

Poker Vs Carrom

Carrom is enjoyed by the majority of the Indian folks. It is a common game in India. On the other hand, Poker is a game that is popular in the West. It is gaining popularity in India. Carrom is a board game, whereas poker is a card game.

Carrom games are mainly played for fun. There are many real money carrom board online games too. Poker is a real money game and casino game. Players compete with their opponents to win the prize pool in online poker. Indians are now choosing poker games to earn real money and have a thrilling experience.

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