Making a living as a professional poker player

Putting all your cards on the table seems like a great option to a lot of part time poker players. The glitz and glamour of traveling the world, raking in tonnes of money is enough to turn anyone's head. However, before you quit your day job to live as a big baller in the casinos of the world, here are some things you need to consider.

Be Objective

Before you even consider putting down your papers and flipping off every co-worker you hate, you must be objective. Mostly, about your skill level. You may have won a few thousand rupees on a casual night of poker with friends, but out there in the real world, the stakes are way higher. In a 24/7 casino where the buy-ins are temptingly low but the stakes rise quicker than your blood pressure on being dealt a bad hand, you need to remain calm and composed.

Keep Records

If you keep a ledger of your expenditure, you are already off to a good start. Adopt this practice with poker as well. Keep a record of the buy-ins you shelled out, the earnings you made every few games and you will see whether you are raking in the big bucks or just leaking money. This practice will help you keep score and judge your performance. Make a case for yourself before you throw down your papers and resign from your day job.

Money, Money, Money

Imagine that you aced an interview, and you enjoyed the vibe of the CEO, immediately hitting it off. But, there's a huge roadblock - the pay package is not what you expected, in fact you almost feel it is an insult to your capabilities as a professional. The same can happen in poker, too. If you play poker professionally consider yourself as your own manager, CEO, accountant and employee. You work for a profit and your bottom line will affect your lifestyle.

Know When To Walk Away

When you are on a roll and winning hands present themselves to you, the rush of dopamine in your brain will trigger an appetite for more and you could go all-in and risk your winnings. Similarly if you are on a downward spiral, then the bartender can become your best friend. Just know that luck doesn't arrive in spades, but in random bursts. If you are having a bad day, don't make that big last bet, get up and cash out. Knowing when to not push your destiny is one of the mainstays of professional poker.

These tips are for those who want to become professionals at the game they love. If you wish to make a career out of it, tick these off your list before you take the leap.