Coins in Carrom Board

Last updated on : 15 Mar, 2024

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Know about the Coins in the Carrom Game

The exact origins of Carrom are unclear, but it is believed to have been developed in the Indian subcontinent in the 18th century. It is thought to have been inspired by a number of games, including billiards, pool, and shuffleboard.

The game gained popularity throughout India and eventually spread to other parts of the world, including Europe and the United States. Carrom, also known as carrom board, is a popular indoor board game that originated in India.

The game is played by people of all ages and skill levels and can be enjoyed with friends and family. Carrom requires a flat surface, a square wooden board, and small round pieces called carrom coins, which are flicked by hand using a striker to hit the pockets at the corners of the board.

Now, you also can play Carrom online, which allows players to avoid setting up the necessary infrastructure (such as the Carrom board, the striker, or the coins).

The Coins on the Carrom Board

The Carrom board in the classic version of the game is a plywood square with holes drilled into each of its four corners. The baselines on the four sides define the player's area to strike. 

The coins are set in a central region surrounded by two concentric circles. For the game to begin, a minimum of two players must be seated across from one another. The queen coin is placed in the center of the Carrom board, surrounded by six pieces to form a circle. 

The professional style of Carrom is typically played between two opponents. Every outer piece is in contact with the inner circle thanks to the Queen and the Carrom coins next to them being touched by each of these coins.

The two rings' coloured Carrom coins should alternate. Two white pieces from the outer and inner circles are made in such a way that they form a straight line that points to the side of the board where the player sits and makes the break.

In the game of Carrom, there are nine of each colour of the coin. There is only one red coin, known as the Queen. Every time you begin a new game of Carrom, the arrangement of the coins stays the same.

The 19 coins (nine black, nine white, and one Queen) will be set in the larger center circle such that the Queen is in the center and the other coins are arranged alternately all around it.

If a player's pocketed pieces have fewer points than his opponent's, he loses the game. In accordance with the Carrom rules for freestyle play, a black Carrom piece will score you 10 points, a white Carrom piece will score you 20, and the red coin (Queen) will score you 50 points.

The queen piece must be sunk before your final piece; however, you can pocket it at any moment after sinking your initial piece. If the player fails, the Queen will be returned to the center circle.

After you pocket the Queen, you must sink one of your Carrom coins, 'covering' it, into any pocket in the ensuing shot. Whoever clears all of their Carrom coins first after covering the Queen wins the board.

The Striker

The spherical striker is bigger than the board pieces. Coins are driven into players' pockets with it. The player must place the striker within the baseline (two straight lines forming a rectangle) or on one of the two circles at each end of the baseline for each strike.

A striker must be positioned between the two lines, touching both the front and back lines. Chalk dust is used on a real, physical carrom board to ensure smooth movement. That, however, does not hold true for online games.

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