Master the art of bluffing with these simple tips

A little deception goes a long way in a game of poker. Exuding confidence without reason can see the most seasoned veterans fold a winning hand, leaving you with a shot at raking in the big bucks! But, before you can bluff your way to big victories, a little practice with these top tips would do you good.

Tip 1 - Recognize The Opportunity

Bluffing is part of the game when it comes to poker. It can be a profitable practice but always bluffing won't stand you in good stead at the tables. Crying wolf will see you unable to leverage your lie and one of the most powerful plays in the game will be missing from your repertoire. Know when and against whom to bluff.

Tip 2 - Timing Is Key

If you spot a visible tell or weakness in your opponent as they play, that is the perfect time to bluff. Look for short stacks on tight players, and someone who looks uncomfortable. Studying their body language is half the game when it comes to bluffing and these players are less likely to call your bluff as well.

Tip 3 - Location, location, location

Here, we mean literally, where you sit at the table. A bluff usually works best when your opponents are going to check or bet after your play. For example, if the player next in line checks, the chances are their hand is not as good as yours and pulling off the bluff will be easier.

Tip 4 - Start small

This is a good tip for any game and trying something new, but especially true for bluffing. Only bluffing on a small pot ensures that your bluff is not as big a risk as normal in case the play does not give you the expected returns.

Tip 5 - Don't brag about it

Pulling off the bluff will give you a massive rush of happiness. However, keep the smile at bay and continue playing. Bragging will only land you in trouble and will see the other players resent you and play you at your own game. Keep a level head at the tables always.

With these tips, you should be ready to bluff your way to some big bucks. However, exercise caution when bluffing as it can backfire on you, just as easily.