Becoming a Ludo Champion just got easy

Last updated on : 15 Feb, 2024

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Evidently, players of all ages enjoy playing the online game Ludo, which has grown in popularity. Some players enjoy simply playing the game because it provides amusement and leisure time. Some players, however, are very eager to keep up their winning streaks and want to do so for as long as possible.

Players get more competitive as a result, and the pleasure of winning more and more games is rather exciting. But despite appearances, being a king of Ludo is not an easy task.

You'll be motivated to win every game if you thoroughly understand the game's rules and the right strategy and are consistent and diligent in your practice. 

Since "practice makes perfect," it is essential to play the game of Ludo frequently and recognize your weaknesses to strengthen them. It also facilitates smoother movement all across the board and during the game's conclusion.

Remember that winning a game only sometimes depends on a small number of excellent plays. Several good yet consistent moves made by your pawns can occasionally guarantee you the title of Ludo champion.

Tips and Tricks to become a LUDO CHAMPION

1. Enough Time

Always allow yourself enough time to think and evaluate your possibilities for movement. Consider how each move will impact your status in the game. Following the principle of thinking first and acting later is crucial.

2. Practice

You will undoubtedly become a better Ludo player with practice. It will show you all the options available and how to advance in the game.

3. Open your Tokens

When given a chance, it is essential to open as many tokens as you can. Your chances of getting to the home place increase with the number of pieces you have on the board.

4. Distribute your Tokens

It is essential to distribute your tokens across the entire board in addition to moving as many tokens as you can on the board. As a result, your pieces will be able to move without any limitations, and your opponents' pieces will have less freedom to move. Using this tactic, you can also prevent your opponent's pieces from reaching the "home" first.

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5. Take Advantage of the Opportunity

Always take advantage of the opportunity to eliminate your opponent's token. The more tokens you eliminate, the greater your chances are of moving directly to the winning position.

6. Choose the Winning Place

Always choose the winning place whenever you have the choice between destroying the token of the opposing player or advancing to it. It is not worth the risk of giving up your winning position to remove your opponent's token.

7. Prevent your Tokens

Additionally, the other player should constantly work to prevent your tokens from being destroyed. Additionally, shifting tokens that are extremely close to their home position even on a minor digit of the dice can jeopardize your tokens.

Instead, only move your piece when your dice roll on a larger digit. It is always advisable to act carefully to preserve your winning chances.

8. Move the Token Closest to the Position

Moving the token closest to the beginning position on the board is recommended if a very small number appears on the dice.

This is so that the loss of such a token won't significantly alter your game. Losing a token that is near the winning position, though, can end your current game.

9. Repeat the number

Repeat the number often to help your dice—the one closest to the winning spot—get to a secure spot on the board. You will be quickly reminded to shift your token to a safe location whenever that number appears on the dice to prevent being killed by the other player's token.

10. Be Careful

More careful movement around the board increases your chances of making better decisions and moving edging closer to victory. The goal is to carefully consider and plan the move while also keeping it time-bound.

11. Emphasizes the Act of Attacking

Another tried-and-true way to win at Ludo is to adopt a strategy that emphasizes the act of attacking. Always hunt for an opportunity to eliminate your opponent's token. This should always be done, though, after careful assessment.

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