4 Things to Avoid While Playing Online Poker

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Learning the rules of a poker game is not that complicated, but learning to play these games to earn a profit can be pretty daunting. There are many mistakes that novice players make, so before you sign up for any freeroll poker online, it is good to go through the 5 most common mistakes.

1. Prematurely Getting Ready to Fold

Most players are in the habit of lifting their cards in anticipation of folding before it is their turn to act. While nobody wants an unnecessarily delay in action, the act of folding takes all of a micro-second that needs no preparation. Showing early that you are ready to fold, signals that you are a weak player. So, avoid folding your hand before beginning to play.

2. Playing at Multiple Tables

This is one of the most mistake novice players make. Playing card games at too many tables will undoubtedly cause you to lose chips like a sieve. Sure, playing at multiple tables seems exciting and you may even go on a run and make a few bucks in the short term, however you will lose all your money by the end. The smart thing to do here is to play one table at a time until you are consistently making a profit for a significant amount of time and then add a second table.

3. Overvaluing Hands

Do you have a favorite hand? Is it a pocket of aces or kings? Whatever it is, remember that big pocket pairs are still only one pair, and if you do not improvise, you might want to consider your options before getting married to a favorite hand. Overvaluing hands is not so great and will definitely cause you trouble in the long run. So, make sure to evaluate your poker hands on a situation to situation basis.

4. Ignoring Position

Playing your position at freeroll poker online is perhaps the most important skill for a poker player. It is also one of the most lightly treaded aspects of poker among novices. Learning to tighten up in an early position and opening up your hand in a later position will go a long way towards increasing your edge at the tables.

5. Poor Bankroll Management

Most people do not have an unlimited supply of money to bring to the tables. Playing card games that you can afford is key to becoming a great player. After all, if you lose all of your money, playing will not be a concern any longer, because you will not be able to buy-in at any game. So, learn to play at the tables that you can afford, don't overplay and lose everything.


Being a novice can be tough, but if you are able to keep these things at bay, you will be much closer to booking your first win at the virtual tables. If you want to take your poker game to the next level, learn the rules of freeroll poker online in order to take advantage of poker hands to win great rewards.


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