There was a time when playing pool was a fantasy for Indians but now it is one of the most celebrated sports in the country. Like USA, England, now India also has many Pool parlours where youngsters used to learn and play the sport. 8-Ball Pool is an interesting game with 2 types of coloured balls.

Now the time has changed, and Indians can play 8 ball pool online and can win real cash daily. Yes, you have heard it right. There are many gaming app that has come up with an 8-ball pool concept on its application and where you can take part to earn real money online playing games.

What is 8 Ball Pool Game Online?

Pool or 8 Ball Pool as it famously called, is a very popular sport that is played all across the world. 8 Ball Pool online is usually played on a pool table majorly singles or doubles with cue sticks, 16 balls, 15 Object balls and one cue ball that is used to strike the others.

However, with many online applications in the market, the game's gone online and can be played with your friends or peers to win real cash.

It is a high-speed game as compared to snooker or billiards which are also of the similar type. 8 ball pool online is quite famous especially in India with many pool parlours available.

Your primary objective in the 8 Ball Pool online is to pot the designated balls (stripes or solids) followed by the 8 ball (black coloured). 

The one who pots the black coloured ball is declared the winner. In 8 Ball Pool online game, you are often pitted against an opponent who could be highly skilled or vice versa.

If you want to win real cash and called as the 'king or queen' of 8 Ball Pool Online, you need to participate in the leaderboard contest. In order to win more, you must be super skilled and bag the most number of wins to earn real money as well as great offers.

Pieces of equipment for the 8 Ball Pool game

  • Pool table with cushion and pots
  • Minimum of 2 players
  • 8 Strips and 8 solid balls
  • 1 Cue ball
  • 1 black ball

Rules of 8 Ball Pool

  • 8 Ball Pool is a 2-player game
  • Once you enter the 8 ball Pool game, you or your opponent will be asked to place the cue ball on or behind the head string on the Pool Table
  • Balls can be pot only by striking through the cue ball
  • Both the players are assigned respective colours from solids or stripes. They continue to hit their colour to continue the game.
  • Drag your cue stick in a circular direction to aim at the ball.
  • At the bottom right of your screen, you can see the strike point option. Use the option to spin the cue ball when required.
  • Pull down the cue stick to control the force and release it to take the shot.
  • Hitting an opponents’ ball will be considered a foul. Each player is allowed to hit (directly) or pot his own colour
  • The target is to pot all the stripes/solid balls & pot the black ball at the last

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How to play 8-ball pool online?

There is no as such scoring in the 8-ball pool, but each player has got its own colour (from solids and strips).If player A has got strips and B got solids, then they have to pot all their respective balls in the pot and has top ends the game by potting the black ball.

There are some rules that can lead to a foul game where the opponent gets some advantages. Let’s have a look at the rules of the 8-ball pool game.

After the beginning of the game, all the players start hitting the ball with the cue ball and whoever pots the first ball then he/she gets a chance to choose the colour (from stripes and solids)

  • Players play the turn one by one
  • Players will be assigned stripes or solids when the first ball is pocketed
  • Fouls: If a player misses to touch his ball or directly touches the opponent’s ball then it’s a foul and the opponent gets the advantage
  • If a player misses to touch any of the balls or directly pots the cue ball, then again it’s a foul
  • If any player pots the black ball before the colour, then the game is over
  • To forfeit the game, each player has to pot his 8 balls first and then the black ball. Whoever does it first he/she will be crowned as a winner.

Some Important Rules To Keep In Mind For 8 Ball Pool Online

Following are some important 8 ball pool real money rules that you need to follow whilst playing the game to win real money online:

  • Rule 1: If you are to pocket the ball in the opening sequence, the rest of the designated balls are also open to pot. So, once you pocket post breaking, a player should only pocket both stripes/solids.
  • Rule 2: Always remember that if your cue ball strikes the opponent's ball, it is called a foul and your turn is forfeited.
  • Rule 3: Make sure you pocket the designated colour balls first before moving to the 8 Ball (black ball)
  • Rule 4: If by chance, you pocket the 8 Ball (black ball) before your opponents do, or pot it to any other given hole, you lose the game.
  • Rule 5: It will be called a foul if your cue ball fails to touch any ball or the railing in the pool table.
  • Rule 6: Make sure you don't pot the 8 Ball and the cue ball together or else you will lose the game and your opponent wins.

Tips And Tricks To Win an 8 Ball Pool Game Online:

  • Make sure you have read all the rules and regulations about the game. If you are not thorough with it, it might hamper your chances of winning.
  • Always try to learn the various types of breaks that come with 8 Ball Pool online game which can help you during your turns and how they cannot be forfeited.
  • Pick and choose the stripes or solids post the break and also according to the positioning of them on the table. This could help you during the game.
  • Do not always go for power. If you exert too much power, that might result in disruption of the other balls on the table, which might also go against your sequence strategy.
  • Strategize about your future plan of action. When it comes to pocketing a ball, think also what you will do in your next turn.

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