Straddle is a forced blind, double the big blind amount and is always put before the cards are dealt. It allows you to act last in that round where players wanting to enter must at least call your blind raise, giving you the option to raise your blind raise, re-raise a raiser, check, or fold.

The straddle will work in the following conditions:

  1. Straddle will only be enabled if the straddle check box is checked before the hand.
  2. Straddle will only have an impact on the game pre-flop. Pre-flop, the minimum call amount is the straddle amount if the straddle check box is enabled. After the flop opens, the minimum bet amount will be the big blind amount.
  3. Straddle cannot be done on the dealer button. So, straddle can only be posted if  4 or more players are involved in a hand.