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Terms & Conditions:
1) Code 'MILL1CRAC' gives you Free tickets to The Millionaire Day 1A  on  26th August at 7 pm and Free entry to The Millionaire Day 1C on 28st August at 7 pm. Code 'MILL1CRB' gives you Free entry to The Millionaire Day 1B on 27th August at 7 pm | Deposit: 45K | Code: 
2) Players cannot club multiple promotions to receive The Millionaire tickets.
3) You are welcome to participate in multiple sattys and can be changed into Tournament money for those additional tickets achieved through sattys.
4) Deposit of INR 45k and 75k must be instant. Cumulative deposits totaling INR 45k and INR 75k will not be eligible for a free ticket.
5) 275 VIP points need to be collected by the players before making a withdrawal using each code.
6) An instant deposit of INR 45k and INR 75k will be eligible for a free seat.
7) Only one seat per player will be awarded under this promotion. Any additional tickets via other promotions will hold no value. Any additional tickets will be deleted. 
8) This is a limited-period offer. Spartan Poker has the sole right to discontinue the promotion once the usage limit has been reached.
9) In case of any disputes, Spartan Poker's decision is final binding. Spartan Poker reserves the right to amend or cancel any tournaments without giving prior notice.
10) For Additional Terms & Conditions please refer to Legal terms and conditions.