One Ticket. Multiple Tournaments.

Get ready to unleash the SPARTAN within you, just like the Spartans who will be competing at the Commonwealth Games 2022. Play the Freedom Celebration Series Mega Satellites starting from 26th July, 2022 with FCS tournament tickets worth Rs. 7.9 Lac+ up for grabs!


Celebration Package: 11 tickets worth Rs. 79,000 to FCS tournaments worth 2.9 Crore+ GTD.


Marquee Package: 6 tickets worth Rs. 66,000 to FCS tournaments worth 3.7 Crore+ GTD


Winners of Mega Satellites (Low and Mid) will get tickets to FCS tournaments of that particular day. (For Example: If a player wins Mega Satellite [Low] on 3rd August, 2022, he will win tickets to low stake FCS tournaments of 3rd August, 2022.)

Note: Incase there are 2 flights of a Multi-flight (LOW) tournament on the same day then players will win ticket to only one flight of that particular tournament.

Check out the schedule below and make sure not to miss out!


Mega Satellite Schedule Series Highlight

Get tickets to the following events with a buy-in of just Rs 2200:

Mega Satellite ScheduleHigh stakes
Win ticket Daily Win ticket Daily

Get tickets to the following events with a buy-in of just Rs 1650:

Mega Satellite ScheduleHigh stakes