Mahjong Games (Mah-jongg)

Mahjong's goal is similar to poker's in that it seeks to create matching sets and pairs. A set consists of three or four identical mahjong tiles or three consecutive mahjong tiles (also known as melds), whereas a pair consists of two identical tiles (commonly referred to as 'eyes'). A player must form four sets and one pair to win mahjong.

Did you know that Mahjong is a centuries-old Chinese game that has long been a popular activity among families and friends? The game is thought to have a 2500-year history in Chinese culture, having evolved from a simple game played with silk-printed cards. Chinese characters and symbols are used in modern mahjong tiles. Mahjong is a social game that necessitates dexterity, skill, strategy, and good fortune.

We've listed everything you need to know to get started, from general rules to gameplay and how to win, in this game of strategy, luck, and talent.

How to Play Mahjongg Online?

Mahjong is a Chinese strategy game with a long and vibrant history. It's similar to rummy, but instead of cards, it's played using mahjongg tiles. You usually play with four people, although you can also play with three. By constructing four melds and a pair, you can make mahjong. There are many different types of mahjong, thus these rules aren't set in stone. Always follow the rules of the individuals with whom you're playing.

Equipments: When you know how to play Mahjong, you'll need the following pieces of equipment:

Hong Kong/Cantonese style Mahjong tiles (144 tiles).

The set of 144 Mahjong tiles is made up of:

  • 36 tiles in the Dot/Circle suit.
  • 36 in the Bamboo suit.
  • 36 in the Character suit.
  • 16 Wind tiles.
  • 12 Dragon tiles.
  • 8 bonus tiles (4 Flowers and 4 Seasons).

Players: You will need four players. You can adapt the game to three people, but it's more fun with four people.

Objective: If you're playing with money, you'll start with your own pot of chips, which is similar to a monetary sum. You gain chips if you win a hand, and you pay with your chips if you give someone else their winning tile. The goal is for your pot of chips to be equal to or greater than what you started with at the end of your Mahjong online session.

Gameplay: The game is played with 144 tiles and they are made of these types:

  • Three different types of suits (36 tiles in each suit; 108 suit tiles total). There are four tiles of each of the circles, bamboo, and character suits, numbered 1-9.
  • Tiles of honour (28 tiles total). The honour tiles are divided into two categories: 1) Dragons (four tiles each of green, red, and white) and 2) Winds (four tiles each of east, south, west, and north).
  • Flowers (eight) (eight tiles). Flour flowers and flour seasons exist, although the term "flowers" is used to describe the entire category.

Popular Mahjong Games

Some of the popular Mahjong Games are as follows:

  • Pokémon Mahjong.
  • Mahjong Solitaire.
  • Mahjong Candy.
  • Mahjong Dimensions.
  • Mahjong Epic.
  • Mahjong Gold.
  • Mahjong 3D Cube.

Now you can also play Mahjong online with your friends and family.

How to Win at Mahjong?

It's critical to have a Mahjong strategy; it's what will assist you win the game. Even when playing free mahjong online you need to remember that it will take a lot of work and patience, as with anything worth spending time on.

  1. Faans: You will only be able to win if you have at least three faans in your hand. Drawing your own fortunate flower, pong-ing any of the dragons, self-picking your winning tile, and so on can all get you a faan. Because these variables are difficult to regulate, players will design Mahjong hands with a minimum base value of three faan and then count any additional faans.
  2. Pong Pong Hand: There are four pongs and one pair of eyes. Any suit or honour tile can be used to make the pongs and eyes.
  3. Pay Attention to the Free Tiles
  • In a total pile of 144 tiles that are stationary for the majority of the game, you only have a minimum of 13 tiles to move around in your rack.
  • Play with the tiles that other players discard and move around, and when you have the chance, act strategically.
  • Since you can only match a tile when there is room on either side of it, try to make matches with the tiles that are at the top of the rack.
  • This will increase your chances of matching tiles while preventing the issue of the desired tile becoming blocked.
  • Focus on the free tiles with caution since eliminating them could ultimately be better or worse for the hand.

       4. Pay Attention to the Tiles you Take

  • According to the Mahjong game's rules, you can pick up abandoned tiles to finish a Pung, Kong, or Chow. Therefore, skilled players can easily follow along and anticipate the sequences you're aiming for.
  • To trick other players who are watching your actions, you deliberately gather the tiles you need while also picking up random tiles.

       5. Adhere to a Strategy Yet Exercise Flexibility

  • Another Mahjong technique to remember is this one. It's important to keep in mind that patience is a virtue when playing Mahjong, so randomly picking up tiles might not be the best course of action.
  • Instead, keep an open mind about how the game will develop and determine whether you want to remain with the original gameplay or whether it would be better to make little adjustments.
  • A few hands before you believe someone else is likely to win, you can alter your strategy to increase your chances of winning that hand.

       6. Make the End of the Game Interesting

  • Adding to the preceding statement, pay attention to the tiles that are being discarded by other players as well as the tiles that are still in the pile when you think someone is likely to win the hand.
  • Players typically become impatient and desperate to win the hand. As a result, you might even pay attention to competitors' shifting body language.
  • Being aware of how your body language changes and how the tiles you discard, and gather are perceived by others may also be a double-edged sword, so exercise caution at the end.

       7. Practice Regularly

  • The hardest skill to master is self-control and discipline while picking up a tile or tossing one aside, despite how simple it is to get carried away or disregard it.
  • You must progressively develop the awareness of when to move and play a bluff by picking up or tossing a wrong tile. Doing so will most often put you in a position to play a deadly hand farther down the lane.
  • There is no better way to play Mahjong than to play as frequently as you can and develop into a tactician who can foresee moves that other players will make and can control how everyone else at the table plays the game.
  • Play free Mahjong games online to practice the game.

Mahjongg Game Rules

Because the mahjong game is associated with Chinese culture, many players in Asia are fans of the game and play it on a regular basis. For those who want to learn how to play mahjong, here are the free mahjong game rules.

  • The mahjong game scoring rules are simple: the player who achieves mahjong and so wins the hand receives one point.
  • Your goal is to match pairs of identical tiles to remove all of the tiles. However, you can only match "free" tiles. When there are no tiles on top of a tile, it is considered "free." In addition, it must have an open left or right side. Essentially, the tile must be able to glide out without being obstructed on one side or on top.
  • When you match a pair of tiles, the tiles that were previously "locked" by that pair will be unlocked, allowing you to match additional tiles.
  • You finish the game when you've matched every tile on the board, striving to avoid reaching a point where no more matches are possible. The game is over if this happens.

Poker vs Mahjong

Mahjong and poker are two card games that are frequently confused and misunderstood. These games have some similarities in terms of gameplay, but they also have some variances.

Poker game

Mahjong Game

In poker, the goal is to get a good poker hand.

You need to make pairs to win in Mahjong.

A poker is a group of card games in which players place bets and rely on the luck of the draw.

Mahjong or mahjong online is a Chinese game with a long history. Mahjong game online is a game of skill, strategy, and calculation, with a dash of luck thrown in for good measure.

There are numerous types of poker games, each with its own set of objectives.

The goal in all Mahjong variants remains the same. Playing mahjong game online is how most people are introduced to the game.

Poker is popular in a wide range of countries.

Mahjong is primarily an Asian game.

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Mahjongg Game FAQs

Q.1) Is mahjong hard to learn?

Ans. Mahjong is an easy-to-learn game but mastering the game requires effort.

Q.2) What are the basic rules of mahjong?

Ans. Mahjong players must create four sets and one pair with the Mahjong tiles to win. Shout ‘Mahjong!’ when you are confident that your hand is superior.

Q.3) What is mahjong and how is it played?

Ans. Players must create sets and pairs with Mahjong tiles. Four sets and one pair are created to win.

Q.4) How many tiles are there in Mahjong?

Ans. There are 144 tiles in Mahjong.

  • 36 tiles - Dot/ Circle suit.
  • 36 tiles - Bamboo suit.
  • 36 tiles - Character suit.
  • 16 tiles - Wind tiles.
  • 12 tiles- Dragon tiles.
  • 8 tiles- bonus tiles (4 Flowers and 4 Seasons).