This is Your Week!!! 


5 Crore+ Guaranteed across a line-up of 30 Tournaments comprising of: 

7 Signature Tournaments worth 1.2 Crore+ Guaranteed 

5 High Roller Tournaments worth 1.4 Crore+ Guaranteed  

Action-packed Daily 5 Lac Guaranteed Turbo Tournaments 


All (Multi) Flights lead to the Main Event! 

1 Crore Guaranteed The Millionaire

5 Lac Guaranteed Weekender  



Look who’s back! 1 Crore Guaranteed The Millionaire Multi-flight action. All you have to do is play any daily flight tournament, survive till the end and qualify to Day 2.  



Experience the joy of grinding at India’s top Signature multi-table tournaments worth 1 Crore+ Guaranteed and take your game a notch higher.  

Mega Satellite Schedule Series Highlight

With blind levels increasing faster than usual and 6 players per table competing to be in the top spot, experience the thrill of  5 Lac Guaranteed Daily Turbo – 6 MAX multi-table tournaments.  


Nothing better than grinding and winning from a whopping 1 Crore+ Guaranteed prize-pool across a stellar line-up of High Roller multi-table tournaments. Reserve your virtual seats now! 

Turn your pre-game prep into action and win from a 2 Crore+ Guaranteed prize-pool. Sounds like a plan! Join our Sunday Special MTT’s and book your virtual seats now!