Fruit cutting game, is a game where player will have to slice as many fruits as possible via a virtual blade on your screen. Fruits will pop-up on the screen and the players have to slice them by swiping their fingers across the screen.

If a player slices more than a fruit a time, he/she stands a chance to rake in bonus points. Whilst playing fruit cutting game, he/she must chop all the fruits.

If you miss out on a particular thrice, you could end up losing the game. Time-bombs will appear amidst the fruits, so you have to make sure you don't slice them off or else it's GAME OVER!

The higher the points, the higher the chance of you winning big rewards. The game's attraction is the colourful and bouncing fruits as well as the slick UI that gives it an edge.

What is Fruit Chop Game?

With real money gaming getting so popular in India, several applications and newly invented games are showing up to hold you back and keep you hooked. Traditional games like Poker, Rummy, Ludo, Carrom and some new games like Fruit chopper, knife hit, Archery and so much more.

Fruit Chopper or Fruit cutting game is a skill-based game which you can play by downloading the app from Play Store. The interface is user-friendly and appealing to the eyes of the players.

In this game, you have to slice/chop as many fruits as you can that come your way with a virtual knife. The more you slice, the more you score on the simultaneously moving scoreboard.

You can make a lip-smacking juice for yourself by chopping fruits. The game is easy to play but requires concentration and coordination of your eyes and fingers.

The game hence helps you to enhance your concentration power and coordination of your senses.

What you need to do while playing the Fruit Cut Game?

If you really think you are quick at slicing fruits, well here's the game for you! Show off your rapid reactionary skills of chopping fruits and there are many such app where you can play games and earn money.

As you chop off each fruit, it gives you same number of points but if you chop multiple at a time, bonus points can be earned as well. You have all the time in the world to play this game as there's no time set but if you miss out on a particular fruit, you miss out on a life.

The key objective of this game is to score as much as possible and rake in points to outwit your opponent and win BIG! This game can be played by one and all.

Hurdles in fruit cutting game

There are some hurdles that come your way while you play this amazing game but you play some quick tricks to avoid them. With fruits, bombs also come on your screen while you are playing the game, but you don’t have to chop/slice the bombs.

Chopping the bombs can affect your score. You win a single point if you chop one fruit and more points if you chop combos. You don’t have to lift your finger while slicing the combos. You don’t have to leave the game or the app if you want to win.

Practice makes a man perfect, the same way practising the game can help you earn massive cash rewards. The difficulty levels are just the same at all levels of the game.

How is fruit cutting game different from the other games?

Fruit chopper is one of the most loved casual games in India. Playing the game is a cakewalk and fun-filled. There are real players in the game and no bots. You get to interact with real people and expand your social circle.

Playing with real people makes the game more interesting and gives a push to the competitive spirit within the players. You can win real cash and make the best use of your skills.

You can practice the fruit cutting game in the free sessions and when you are prepared and ready to earn and win, then you can pay a small amount of money to earn a big amount of money.

How to earn money by playing fruit cutting game?

Play this fun fruit game online and win real cash and other rewards to give a treat to your pocket. The game is filled with fun challenges that you can take up to earn more and more. Earning money has now become entertaining with games like Fruit Chopper.

You don’t have to chop the bombs that come along with fruits as it can affect your total score. Slice as many fruits as you can to score more points than your opponent and rise your rank on the leaderboard.

The better you rank on the leaderboard, the more you can earn. You don’t have to invest a lot of money, but you can earn a big amount of money. You must beat your opponent’s score in order to earn massive cash winnings and other bonuses.

You can play with your loved ones and make new friends on the app while playing games with them. The app automatically selects the opponent for you and tries to give you the best playing experience.

You can play this game on your smartphone and don’t always need your laptop or computer. The bigger the tournament will be, the higher the rewards will be.

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