Exploding Kittens

The card game Exploding Kittens is a popular 2-6 person strategy card game that incorporates the concept of Russian Roulette. The goal of the exploding kittens card game is to stay in the game and not explode while drawing cards from the deck. This game involves a card called 'Exploding Kitten', which results in the player getting out of the game and players strategize to avoid getting the card, similar to Russian Roulette where a participant puts one bullet in the gun cylinder and randomly rotates the cylinder before inserting it back in the gun, after which he puts the gun to his head and fires with a chance of being killed.

How to Play Exploding Kittens Card Game?

The exploding kittens card game is straightforward. Each player in exploding kittens online begins with a hand of cards.

  • You may play any number of cards on your turn when playing exploding kittens online.
  • After you've completed your turn, you must draw a card from the deck before ending it according to the exploding kittens rules.
  • Cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be utilized in a variety of contexts.
  • In this card game, the Defuse card allows you to neutralize an exploding cat. You get to put the exploding kitten card back into the deck instead of losing.
  • In the exploding kittens game, there is a card that allows you to see the following three cards in the deck. This will keep you from being the next person to draw a kitty that explodes.
  • In exploding kittens online, there's a card that lets you avoid drawing a card and have someone else do it instead.
  • In the exploding kittens game, there is a card that allows you to rearrange the deck.
  • In the exploding kittens game, there is a card that allows you to rob a card from an opponent.
  • In the exploding kittens game, there is a card that allows you to cancel a card that has already been played by another player.

All of these exploding kittens online cards provide you some control, lowering your chances of drawing an exploding kitten while raising your chances of drawing one. However, this is still primarily a luck-based game.

Exploding Kittens Game Rules

You can try to use all of the other cards to your advantage to stay in the exploding kittens card game. This is where the plan comes into play: You aim to reduce your chances of drawing the terrible card by raising your opponents' chances.

This is accomplished by utilizing the other cards in the deck. Each player is dealt one Defuse card, which works as a counter to the Exploding Kitten card. You only get to play it once, but you'll live, and you can put the Exploding Kitten card wherever you like in the deck. You might be able to knock out the next opponent if you thought it through carefully.

To comprehend the exploding kittens game's rules, you must first learn about the various cards and what they imply. In a standard game, there are 13 different cards – 8 action cards and 5 non-action cards – each with its own function.

Action Cards:

Exploding Kitten Card: Remove the player from the game by exploding them.

Defuse: Counter the effect of the Exploding Kitten card.

Attack: If you don't draw a card at the end of your turn, the next player will have to take two turns.

Nope: Another player's action must be stopped (this card can be played anytime in the game regardless of the turn sequence)

Skip: You can't draw a card at the end of your turn.

Shuffle: Shuffle the draw deck

See the future: View the top three cards of the deck in private.

Favor: Another player selects a card from his hand for you.

Bizarre Cat Cards

Some of the cards in the exploding kittens deck feature odd cats, such as "Taco Cat" and "Hairy Potato Cat." When you have a pair or three of a kind, you can use these cards.

Non-Action Cards

Aside from the action cards, there are five other types of non-action cards (known as cat cards) that do not perform any acts on their own but can be combined to create new actions when played together.

Two of a Kind: Take a card from another player at random.

Three of a Kind: If another player possesses it, ask him to give you a card of your choosing from his hand.

Five Different Kinds: Choose a card from the discard pile that you want to play.

Poker Vs Exploding Kittens

Poker Card Game

Exploding Kittens Card Game

In poker, there are cards based on the traditional card hierarchy like 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-K-Q-A.

In Exploding Kittens card game the cards are divided into Action cards, and non action cards. Each of their functions is described above.

The goal of a poker game is to win the pot, which is usually money or items of monetary worth.

The goal of exploding kittens card game is to avoid the getting the exploding kitten card at all costs.

Poker is a cash game

Exploding kittens is not a cash game.