Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights

Have you ever played cards when kids are around you? If yes, then you know how excited they are to play with the extra cards that are kept aside. Kids love to mimic elders. Crazy Eights card game was discovered from the extra cards in a game of Euchre. The objective of the Crazy Eights game is to discard all the cards and win.

Crazy 8 Game

Crazy Eights card game or the crazy 8 game is a fun card game that uses a standard 52-card deck. To play, at least two people are required. If there are more than five players, you may need two decks to have enough cards for the game to be enjoyable.

Scoring in Crazy 8 Game

The winning player receives from each other player the value of the cards remaining in that player's hand in the following manner:

  • Each eight equals 50 points.
  • Each K, Q, J, or 10 equals ten points.
  • Each ace is worth one point.
  • Each other card represents the pip value.

We will find out how to play Crazy Eights in more detail ahead.

How to Play Crazy Eights?

Here are the rules of how to play crazy eights.

  • Each player must place one card face-up on the starter pile, beginning with the dealer's left. Each card played except an eight must match the card on the starter pile, either in suit or denomination.
  • For example, if the Q of Clubs is the starting card, any club or Queen may be played on it.
  • If a player is unable to play, cards are drawn from the top of the stock until a play is possible or the stock is depleted.
  • If the player is unable to play when the stock is depleted, he or she must pass.
  • Even if a player has a playable card in his or her hand, he or she may draw from the stock.
  • All eights are ferocious! That is, an eight can be played at any time during a turn, and the player only needs to specify a suit for it but never a number.
  •  The following player must either play a card of the specified suit or an eight.

Crazy Eight Rules

Crazy 8s rules are easy to understand. Have a look at the rules listed below.

  1. Each player is dealt five cards or seven in a two-player game.
  2. In the stockpile, the remaining cards of the deck are placed face down in the center of the table.
  3. The top card is then turned face up to serve as the first card in the discard pile to begin the card game.
  4. Starting with the player to the dealer's left, players discard by matching rank or suit with the top card of the discard pile.
  5. They can also play any 8 at any time, allowing them to declare the suit that the next player must follow or play another 8.
  6. If a player is unable to play, he or she draws cards from the stockpile until a play is possible or the stockpile is depleted.
  7. If a player is unable to play when the stockpile is depleted, the turn must be passed to the player on the left.
  8. In other variations, players set a maximum number of cards that can be drawn.
  9. Even if he or she is holding one or more playable cards, a player may draw from the stockpile at any time.
  10. If the stockpile is depleted, all played cards are reshuffled except the top one to form a new stock.
  11. When one player's hand is empty, the crazy 8 game is over.
  12.  That player collects payment from each opponent equal to the point total of the cards left in that opponent's hand.
  13. 8s are worth 50 points, court cards are worth 10, and all other cards are worth their face value.
  14.  If the deck runs out of cards, the player with the lowest point total in their hand scores the difference between their hand and each opponent's hand.
  15. The game can end with a special card, such as a two, queen, or eight which is wild.
  16. The first player to play crazy eights and reach a certain number is the winner of the game.

Poker is a great game for social gatherings like Crazy Eights.

Poker Vs Crazy Eights

So far, you have understood the rules of Crazy 8. Let us now see what is poker?

What is Poker?

Poker is a card game that can be played for real money. Players intimidate other players and use poker strategies to eliminate other players from the game. If there is more than one player in the game, there will be a showdown to see the strength of the cards. The player with the best poker hand of five cards is the winner of the game.

  • Poker: Poker is a game of strategy and player intimidation.
  • Crazy 8: Crazy 8 game is about discarding all the cards.
  • Poker: You can win real money and have fun while playing poker games.
  • Crazy 8: The crazy eight game is more of a social game. You can play crazy 8 game online too with your friends and family.
  • Poker: Poker is a casino game for every age people.
  • Crazy 8: Crazy 8 is a children’s game.

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Crazy 8’s FAQs

Q.1) Why do they call it crazy 8?

The name of the game is crazy 8 because it is popular card game in which players try to get rid of their cards by playing a matching rank or suit on the previous card played. If they are unable to do so, they must draw an additional card. A player who plays an eight can dictate the card suit to be played next.

Q.2) Are Crazy 8 and UNO the same?

Even though there are a few distinctions between UNO and Crazy Eights, they can be called the "identical" game. The most significant distinction between the games is that Crazy Eights is played using a conventional deck of cards, but UNO game is only played with a specific deck of UNO cards.

Q.3) What does Jack mean in Crazy Eights?

Jacks are a wild card that can be used at any time. The next suit to be played must be specified by the player. The first player to play may play any card if the first card turned over from the deck following the deal is a Jack. The number eight is a skip card.

Q.4) How do you play Crazy Eights countdown?

Players can play an 8 as a wild card, or they can match the suit or card value in this example, ace. The next player has a turn, matching the suit, card number, or playing an eight. The individual who receives an 8 gets to choose which suit they want to switch.