OFC Poker Strategy

Chinese poker is a unique variation of poker which traditionally uses the poker hand rankings but has a unique style of playing. Unlike the use of chips in poker, Chinese poker doesn’t involve betting or chips. You can rightly say that it is not really poker. There are definitely rules that you need to follow while you play Chinese poker. But there are also Chinese poker strategies that you need to follow to ace this game.

To shortly brief you about how the cards are dealt in Chinese poker, it is different than normal Texas Hold’em or Omaha variation. Each player receives 13 cards, which he is supposed to divide into three different poker hands. Initial two hands contain five cards each, and the last hand contains three cards. It is a game you play with strategy to determine your fate.

The Chinese poker strategy majorly revolves around how you play your hand and prevent your players from excavating you. The very basic Chinese poker strategy is the need of mathematics to calculate all the possible hands you could hold and all the possible hands that your opponent would. It would be really advantageous for you. You could be the lucky one. All you have to do is get an idea of what hands your opponent tends to favor. Although this sounds very obvious, it’s amazing how people still make a mistake on getting their hands in the right order. That is when you get scooped. You only have to make sure that your hand is as strong as possible. Don’t forget to keep a lookout for hands which could be better. Be vigilant!

Chinese Poker and its Variations:

 Open-faced Chinese poker is the most played variation in Chinese poker. Here, players have to make three separate poker hands, five cards on each and one hand with three cards. The cards are ranked from the best to the next best. It just works the same as regular poker. In the placement of the front three cards: high card, one pair or three of a kind.

 Open face Chinese poker is usually played amongst four players and works with the dealer button just like a standard Texas Hold’em. Players get dealt cards from the dealers left. Players in open face Chinese poker receive the cards to begin with, and they must then rearrange them face up on the table in order to start making front, middle and backhands. After placing these five cards, they cannot be rearranged. Next is when the dealer deals one card face down at a time until each players remaining eight cards have been dealt out. Players definitely have to take turns to place their remaining cards down and complete their three poker hands.

The tips you should consider while playing open faced Chinese poker and learn Chinese poker strategy:

  • Bluffing and getting thrown out – This can cost you a lot. If it is a bad gamble, then you cannot bag the deal. This might seem uninitiated. When you fail, you lose the royalties that you would have scored before. You can still gain in royalties by controlling your betting.
  • Positioning of your first five cards- When you are dealt with the 13 cards, don’t get carried away by setting your initial five cards the way you want to. Maximize your hand and pull the perfect card next. An aggressive player would look for ways to get a bonus. Don’t give it in! Your first five starting cards are of the utmost importance because they set your goal and maximize your winning opportunity.
  • Make your front row a priority- If you’re dealt with poor cards, you have to make the best front row to make sure you change the deal. With your raggedy-ass cards, you have to control the self-damage. No matter what make sure you focus on your front row and see what happens.
  • Play on the right website if you are playing online poker. This is just a step so that you get the best experience and enough room for mistakes.

Learn Chinese focus strategy

The most comprehensive poker game strategy you use while playing Chinese poker game is to make sure that:

#1 - Learn the Scoring System

You know there is a possibility to win all three hands and only walk away with six points. You need stronger hands if you want to get more points. Many newcomers try to dismiss the top end, which is a no-no! For instance, a full house in your bottom hand will give you six additional points. But a flash in the middle hand will give you eight extra points. Imagine having a pair of aces in the top end. You are definitely landing yourself 9 more points.

#2 - You Are Setting Matters The Most

The setting of your initial five cards is the most critical part in a Chinese poker game. The only aim is to set your cards in such a way that they become a massive hand, and you bag bigger points. Remember, a pair can often be torn into traps or a full house.

#3 - Make Smart Moves

Just like in Texas Hold’em one faced Chinese poker, you need to consider and plan your steps and moves way before. The variance is higher, and definitely, there are no bluffs at all.

#4 - The Up Cards On Display

You need to definitely keep a track on all the live cards that are on the table. You need to make sure to build a good top, middle and bottom hand. You accordingly strike the cards off and list of possibilities to win the head.

The closing:

While playing the game strategy, you know which card to play the first. It determines your luck. Head to Spartan Poker to try your Chinese poker strategy.