OFC Poker Rules

OFC Poker Rules Open faced Chinese poker is the most played variation in Chinese poker. Here, players have to make three separate poker hands of five cards on each hand and one hand with three cards. The cards are ranked from the best to the next best. In the placement of the front three cards: high card, one pair, or three of a kind. Open face Chinese poker is usually played amongst two to four players and works with the dealer button just like a standard poker game. Open faced poker rules are overlapping to those of Chinese poker.

Players get dealt cards from the dealers left. Players in OFC poker receive the cards to begin with and they must rearrange their face up on the table in order to start making front, middle and back hands. After placing these five cards they cannot be rearranged, strictly. Next, the dealer deals one card face down at a time until each players remaining eight cards have been dealt out. Players definitely have to take turns placing their remaining cards down and completing their three poker hands.

Chinese poker variations in OFC Poker:

1) Pineapple OFC poker:

Played by three players. The most popular variation. Players are dealt with 14 cards. The players can keep these cards from showing to their opponent’s.

2) Double check OFC:

Played with two decks of cards which are shuffled together. Players have to play it like a single deck variety.

3) Turbo OFC:

Each player is dealt with 5 cards. Players are given additional 4 cards at each subsequent round Points of Royalties:

4) Back hand:

Straight – 2 points

Flush – 4 points

Full house – 6 points

Four of a kind – 10 points

Straight flush – 15 points

Royal Flush – 25 points

5) Middle hand:

Straight –4 points

Flush –8 points

Full house – 12 points

Four of a kind –20 points

Straight flush – 30 points

Royal Flush – 50 points

6) Front hand:

Pair of Sixes (6, 6) carry 1 point

Pair of Sevens (7, 7) carry 2 points

Pair of Eights (8, 8) carry 3 points

Pair of Nines (9, 9) carry 4 points

Pair of Tens (10, 10) carry 5 points

Pair of Jacks (J, J) carry 6 points

Pair of Queens (Q, Q) carry 7 points

Pair of Kings (K, K) carry 8 points

Pair of Aces (A, A) carry 9 points

3 of a Kind carry 20 points


Chinese poker scorings are used in OFC poker too.


Once you arrange all the three hands, players compare the first hand with the rest of the players. Then the second and the last later. Every hand you play is considered one point each.

  • The player who has won the maximum number of hands will score one point. Technically winning two points and losing one. You definitely win the entire game if you win all the three hands, which is called scooping!
  • If a player has high ranking cards, he earns points. That is called royalties.
  • When a player has fouled their own game, it is considered as an automatic scoop. If two players foul their hands, it is considered a tie.
  • A player winning all the hands, receives bonus points.

Chinese Poker Rules!


Sometimes giving up is everything. It makes your game easier. Sometimes giving up on your cards can get affordable. Rather than being scooped, it is better to give in.

Winning categorically-

Since the cards are broken down into three pairs of five, five and three cards each, you have more chances to outright an entire hand by default.

Do not get thrown out –

A loss in Chinese poker means a loss that would cost you six times as much as the loss of one game. Some hands are very susceptible to be thrown out: a straight, three pairs or four pairs but of smaller range.

Place the low right in the middle:

Make sure you place your lower cards in the middle row. That becomes an easier hand to bet on or give up. You do not end up losing a lot of money.

Learn OFC Poker Rules

The open face Chinese poker rules aren’t different from the Chinese poker rules. These variations are very much similar. The basic rules to follow to stay disciplined in the game are:

  • Before starting to play the game, make sure you agree on the point value.
  • Follow the rule of playing in turns. Do not interrupt a player while playing. Y
  • ou cannot change the setting of your cards once placed.
  • You need to begin betting the moment the dealer gives a heads-up.
  • You can definitely not bluff.

To end it with giving my point of view for beginners!

  • Make sure you use your high ranks smartly. Keep in mind the basic poker rules. The rewards you get will justify your risk.
  • Make sure you are vigilant about your opponent’s betting pattern. Be smart okay? There is a higher possibility of your opponent bluffing.
  • Avoid playing long shots.
  • Stick to your strategies and betting business. Don’t interfere or try to influence your amigos. Make sure your hand plan is on point.
  • Just like in seven card stud game, you must learn to count on your dead cards. Nothing can be worse than going for an up or down straight. You must count on your dead cards.

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