How To Play OFC Poker

If you know your basic poker hand rankings, you are ready to get going for this unique poker variation called Chinese poker. It is one the most unique variation in poker that doesn’t really resemble the other forms of poker like Hold’em, Omaha or stud. The traditionally used poker hand rankings do come handy when you are playing this variation. But how to play Chinese poker? Is it a game for experienced or beginners?

It is essential to know that the game doesn’t involve betting or chips, which means it’s not really poker. Although it uses the basic poker hands and therefore it derives its name from poker. Chinese poker is played with not more than 2 to 4 players. You still play it with a deck of 52 cards!

To run down on the method, 13 cards are dealt to each player. Yes, 13 cards! All that the players have to do is divide all of these cards into three different poker hands. Two hands should contain five cards, whereas, one hand should contain three cards. The players have to attempt to make the best rank holding for each hand they make. Yeah, you are able to determine your fate!

There are a few rules of How to Play Chinese poker:

1. Winning categorically- Since the cards are broken down into three pairs of five, five and three cards each, you have more chances to outright an entire hand by default.

2. Submission – This is obviously optional and clearly depends on a player’s decision. It is the moment when a player will have to pay a predetermined amount and not play against the other opponents.

3. Fouled hand- If you make a mistake of placing your cards in a wrong order, you owe each player and an equal amount as they lost all their hands to all other players.

4. Do not get thrown out – A loss in Chinese poker means a loss that would cost you six times as much as the loss of one game. Some hands are very susceptible to be thrown out: a straight, three pairs or four pairs but of smaller range.

How to play Chinese poker?

1. Dealing out the 13 cards – 13 cards to each player are dealt out starting with the player to the immediate left of the dealer. The dealing rotates clockwise.

2. Setting of the cards – It is a full on necessity for a player to make his pairs and try to make the highest-ranking order in a three card poker hand and 25 card hand.

3. Setting it up – Players have to expose your cards systematically on the table and make sure they are lined up in a systematic way.

4. Make your decision – Make a decision whether you will be playing in the hand or leaving the game.

5. Royalties – Royalties are the scoring section that the players announce in front of the dealer.

6. A showdown – You expose your front, middle and back hands on the table in front of the players.

7. Your credits –This is exactly where you get credited by winning hands which are determined to be won.

8. Button shift – After the game ends and all the points that the players on, the dealer button shifts from your spot to the spot on your left. This is when the next game begins.

Know How to Play Chinese Poker

Chinese poker online also has its variations with the fancy names!

The two main variations are open-faced Chinese poker and pineapple. They have a singular legendary common element to the game called Fantasyland.

How to play OFC poker? Open-faced Chinese poker game strategy is a very general concept. The only differences are that players start with their five card out of the 13 cards first. These cards are put up in front of the dealer and they start dealing accordingly.

In case of Fantasyland, all the 13 card and exposed on the table but only in one setting. Coming to pineapple as a variant, it is quite similar to open faced Chinese poker, the dealing differs. All the players receive three cards, and they need to play two cards into the table and discard the other card.

A small tip:

  • Make sure you judge your opponent’s face up cards.
  • Do not make a mistake of mistreating your front hand and discard.
  • Try playing stacks depending on your limit.

The final tip:

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