There are great many timepass games you can access today over the Internet to help you kill time or even to make money. One of these games is Bubble Shooter. People of all ages with the guarantee of pure enjoyment, can play it.

The objective of this game is to match multiple bubbles of the same colour while they descend. Though it may look simple at first, it is strategic and requires skills to finish the game, which happens either when the clock strikes 0 or when the bubbles touch the bottom of the screen.

This game has different levels, making it difficult and challenging as you progress. The simplistic nature of this game is one of the aspects that draws people towards it.

With few tactics required to complete the game, it is the perfect option when you have nothing else to do and a lot of time at hand. You have a couple of in-game boosts at your disposal to assist you in the during the most difficult puzzles.

The graphics are incredible and can keep you hooked on and entertained for hours. Bubble Shooter is unlike any other arcade game, with excellent features to relax you on your busiest days.

What’s more, it is completely free to play. You can download it and compete with your friends and family for bragging rights to see who performs the best.

There are numerous apps through which you can download the Bubble Shooter Game; more on that later! Rest assured, downloading this game will be worth it.

An Insight into the Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble Shooter is an arcade game that comprises a cannon that shoots bubbles, which you operate. The bubbles keep descending from the top of the screen towards the cannon.

Your job is to form three or more bubbles is such a way that they match in colours and pop, making room for you to do the same again and again. The bubbles, however, will not stop descending until the clock hits zero.

Ensure that you do not miss the targe that you want to hit because if you do, the bubbles will begin to stack and reach the bottom of the screen ending the game. Any wrong move can have repercussions rendering you to be skilled and accurate with your targets.

You score points by popping more bubbles. If you manage to do it till the time there are no bubbles on your mobile screen, you win the game. Conversely, the game can end in two ways – when the time comes down to 0 or the descending bubbles touch the bottom of the screen.

Playing the Bubble Shooter Game

When you understand the basics of Bubble Shooter, playing this game becomes simple. You need to know that you operate as the cannon that shoots bubbles. You must be quick with your fingers while ensuring the target is not missed.

To play the game, you need a smartphone and a stable Internet connection. Once you download this free to play game, you are good to go. Dragging your finger on your phone's screen helps the cannon find direction in which you want to shoot bubbles.

As soon as you release your finger, the cannon shoots the bubble in that direction. Since the game has different coloured bubbles, you will also want to switch them inside the cannon before shooting. You have reverse arched arrow signs that can help you in switching the bubbles.

Carefully assess the top of the screen to know which type of bubble will help clear the screen. Accordingly, tap to switch the bubbles in the cannon and then shoot. You can match three or more bubbles to burst them.

It provides you with three power-ups – fireball, windbubble and bomb – to assist you in clearing the bubbles in large numbers. Utilise these options when you find yourself in dire straits.

What are the Rules of Bubble Shooter?

By now, you must have learnt that Bubble Shooter is one of the most fun games available to play online. Unlike other arcade games, it has very less to do with intense situations and you can win at it every time you get your strategies right.

Regardless, you need to understand that the game has certain rules in place to make it enjoyable. Following them will not only make you a better gamer, but also improve your concentration and thinking in regards to winning.

Despite the game being simple, it has moments of challenge with increasing pace, which requires you to think on your feet; if not, you are most certain to succumb.

So, follow the below rules to come out of the game a victor –

Match three bubbles (or more):

Matching three or more bubbles is one of the basic rules of this game. Though it is simple to achieve, you can make it challenging by targeting multiple groups of bubbles to pop simultaneously.

This way, you can not only clear more space at once, but also earn more points than by targeting just three bubbles

The Game has a Time Limit:

Whether you approach the game at a normal or a quick pace is decided by the timer. The timer also decides how better or poorly you perform. Many people playing Bubble Shooter often tend to forget that time is a factor in this game.

They are so engrossed in clearing space that they subconsciously eliminate time resulting in “surprise” loss of points. Make sure that you occasionally keep checking the timer aside from clearing spaces. One wrong move is all it takes for an unwanted cluster of bubbles to form

Understanding the power-ups:

Before you begin playing the Bubble Shooter Game online, understand its different aspects, including the power-ups. They are there for your benefit and it is important to understand them first to utilise them the best.


Fireball is one of the most preferred power-ups, as it helps to clear all the bubbles in its line. This further facilitates you to tactically map out your moves


Wildbubble powerup automatically matches and bursts out the bubbles of any colour


If you find yourself running against time or have far too many bubbles approaching the bottom of the screen, using the bomb power-up will allow you to blast off bubbles in large numbers. This will clear a lot of space for you to play freely going ahead

Knowing when and how to use power-ups:

The power-ups have their own place in this game and they play a big role in helping you score lots of points. You need to ensure that you make maximum and careful use of them, as firing the powerups in random directions do you no good.

Doing so will adversely affect your points. The main point of these elements is to help you score big. You also need to understand how they work and at what stage they come in handy.

For instance, you can use Wildbubble and Bomb to get rid of bubbles in chunks. It is crucial that you are aware of these details and are concentrated during the game to make the most out of the power-ups.

Bubble Shooter Gameplay

When you start the Bubble Shooter Game online, you will notice two elements right away – a cluster of bubbles on the top of the screen and a cannon containing its own bubbles at the bottom of the screen.

Your role is to manoeuver this cannon using your finger and shooting bubbles at the top-screen cluster by lifting your finger. This will prompt a bubble to go in the direction you want it to.

Make sure that you match the bubbles in a group of three or more to burst them. Continue doing so in order to score points. An option to swap the bubbles is available, too. Play the game until the time runs out or the cluster of bubbles from the top reach to the bottom.

How Does Online Bubble Shooter Game Ends?

There are multiple ways by which Bubble Shooter game online ends. Here they are as listed below –

  • The game ends when the cluster of bubbles on the top of the screen reach the bottom of the screen
  • Since you play this game against time, another way the game comes to a conclusion is when the clock hits 0
  • Finally, you can also end the game by winning it. All you have to do is ensure that there are no bubbles remaining on the screen

Tips and Tricks to Help Improve Performance in Bubble Shooter App

When you first learn the rules of online Bubble Shooter, everything looks straightforward and easy. However, this game is deceivingly easy and can throw you off the rails if you approach every round recklessly.

It is advisable that you practice the game on the Bubble Shooter app multiple times to understand the different challenges. Accordingly, you can adapt unique approaches to combat these challenges.

Nevertheless, here are a few tips and tricks that can be useful for you –

Locate large groups of same-coloured bubbles:

Locate and target large groups containing bubbles of the same colour. This will enable you to get rid of that many bubbles with a single shot.

When you clear larger groups, you successfully clear multiple paths giving you access to upper level bubbles. Once you eliminate that upper-level bubble, the ones at the levels below will collapse too

Take advantage of the bouncy walls:

Yes, if you did not know this before, now you do. Firing the bubbles on the walls will result in them ricocheting and finding the target you want them to. This strategy can especially come in handy to get through hard-to-reach spaces

Change the colour of bubbles at will:

Many players forget that they can manually switch the colour of the bubbles as per their desire. If you see a cluster of bubbles belonging to one colour, but the next bubble in your cannon is a different shade, you can manually change the colour to your preferred one.

That way, you can clear the bigger cluster and focus on the remaining ones subsequently

Say no to stacking:

Stacking may be one of the worst strategies you can opt for in this bubble popping game. When you stack the bubbles, you endanger yourself with the risk of the bubbles approaching the bottom of the screen.

If the pressure mounts, you may start missing the targets, too. So, make sure that you know the game’s basics and stick to those rules instead of stacking

Choose either patience or quickness as approach

Bubble Shooter has room only for one of the features, as you can choose only quickness or patience. You have a clock to worry about, and in the race against time, patience is not an option.

Likewise, opting for quickness makes you cavalier in your approach. As a result, it is important to be careful irrespective of whether you choose to be patient or quick

Winning the Bubble Shooter Game

Playing against the clock has its own trials. By following a consistent strategy, however, you can win the Bubble Shooter Game.

As you know, the game can end in multiple ways, including the bubbles touching the bottom of the screen or when time runs out. You can, though, win it if you manage to burst all the bubbles. Remember that not a single bubble should remain on the screen.

Facts about Bubble Shooter Game

Before learning the different facts about the Bubble Shooter Game, it is important to know about its history. This arcade game was conceptualised in the 90s and brought to life by the Taito Corporation in 1994.

It was released under the name Puzzle Bobble in Japan and in December of that year across a few countries in Europe. The organisation intended to release it as a spin-off to the already successful game Bubble Bobble.

Since they felt the need for the game to be more dissimilar, the element of time was added. Further, with time passing, the ceiling of the puzzle would slowly collapse, eventually reaching the bottom section of the board. Initially, two-player modes were available to allow players to complete against one another.

Post-1995, Puzzle Bobble became available on computers in many countries around the world, gaining massive popularity.

Today, the game is available over the Internet as well as part of mobile applications. They come with diverse graphics, varied levels and game modes, power-ups, etc., to make the game more challenging as well as fun to play. The arcade game continues to remain popular years after its initial release.

Earn Cash Rewards by Playing Bubble Shooter Game

Playing online games is a great way to make money today. You can find real money earning games among different genres and pick the one that you prefer. You might wonder about the availability of Bubble Shooter money earning app if you really like this game.

Well, the answer is a resolute yes. You can find relevant apps in the Google Play Store or App Store and download the game on your android or iOS device.

After downloading the game, make sure that you go through the game’s rules, as they may have been altered for entertainment reasons. Additionally, it is advisable to practice the game multiple times before moving to paid rooms.

By choosing a trusted Bubble Shooter app, you are guaranteed of all your transactions being secure. Moreover, should you face any technical glitches, there may be an active customer support team to assist you with the query.

Bubble Shooter is one of the best arcade games available at your fingertips today. The game is here to stay and entertain, and it is only ideal that you download it if being entertained is something that you seek.

Varied Mobile Apps to Play Bubble Shooter online Game

If you are interested in playing Bubble Shooter irrespective of whether or not it is for money, you can try these below apps and be assured of entertainment throughout –

Bubble Shooter Rainbow

Bubble Shooter Rainbow gives you access to over 10,000 puzzles that are addictive, fun and challenging. You can spend hours just matching coloured bubbles by trying to beat your previous best score

Bubble Pop Origin:

Bubble Pop Origin includes different levels to test you. You must complete the previous challenge in order to move on to the next. Match 3 or more bubbles in this bubble shooter app and do your best to earn three stars before progressing on to the next level

Bubble Crush: Birdpapa:

Bubble Crush is a one-of-a-kind game. Although the basic rules remain the same, the surrounding elements are what make it exceptional.

For example, you can get jigsaw challenges that get put together as you burst the bubbles. Props are in place to help you seamlessly progress throughout the game

Bubble Shooter Royal Pop:

With thousands of different levels to take shots at, Bubble Shooter Royal Pop is a game you want to return to playing again and again.

This bubble shooter online game free is one of the perfect options to consider when you want to unwind after a long day

Bubble Shooter Game:

This classic arcade game is highly addictive with 3500 levels of puzzles to try out. All you need to do is aim at the right place and shoot to see the bubbles drop. Play it online or offline, and it is absolutely free

MPL Bubble Shooter:

MPL Bubble Shooter has great graphics that bring this arcade game to life. In addition to the usual game, you can participate in tournaments and battles against other online players. Score more than your opponent before the clock hits zero to win

Winzo Bubble Shooter:

Winzo app offers its own variation of Bubble Shooter containing great graphics. Match three or more balls of the same colour to win scores. Switch the bubbles as per your comfort and challenge yourself in this iconic game

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