All You Need to Know on Rebuys in Poker

For most gamers, the misery of losing a life and reaching back to square one is the most dreadful of all that could go wrong in a playing session. They would want nothing more than a way to restart from where they left, to not lose the hours they put into making that much progress. Yes, despite its ‘one life, one chance’ reputation, poker offers something known as Poker Rebuys. Most games we play on our mobile devices give us an option to replay an advertisement to reclaim our lost position within the level; I’m sure we’ve all used such hacks at some point so that we could keep moving forward. Even though not many sports or games at a larger and much more serious level offer such perks, poker is one such exception that does have a similar feature.

What is a rebuy in poker?

Very much as the name suggests, rebuy in poker refers to buying chips during a particular stage in the game. When your stacks have dropped below the decided slab. Meaning, that if your chips are lower than a specified value by the organizer during a particular phase at the table, then you are given a chance to rebuy chips. Rebuying in poker is standard practice when it comes to cash games. However, when it comes to tournaments, it is generally not allowed unless you are playing a poker rebuy tournament that allows for such an action.

Rebuys Vs. Add-ons

Rebuy tournaments may or may not allow for add-ons. For a player to rebuy in rebuy tournaments, his stack must lower than the decided value to allow for the action and even then, it must only occur within the stipulated phase. Often, rebuys are permitted only until the first hour at the table. Add-ons work differently. In rebuy tournaments that allow add-ons, every single player is eligible to add onto their existing stack the same amount of chips at which they started-off with despite their current holding. Add-ons could be beneficial for players who already lead the stack to strengthen their position, and it can also help players with lower stacks looking to fight and remain in the competition.

When Should You Rebuy in Poker?

Despite playing rebuy tournaments, it is usually recommended to not go for it unless you have a bankroll that allows for such investments. Rebuy tournaments come at a higher cost as you add on your investment as the game progresses and whether you can do that is a decision only you can take. You will also have to take into consideration the return on investment, and would it be worth it. Post the rebuy period and add-ons in rebuy tournaments, players, hit the freezeout zone where now if you are out, you are out. No more additions are allowed to the stack, and so your goal is to ensure to be at a point of advantage while entering the freezeout section. You could consider rebuying if you’re playing a tournament for a very long time, or if you have specially travelled somewhere to play it and it’s a once and for all circumstance because then you do not want to put yourself out early. You could also do that when you’re multi-tabling with rebuy tournaments and if you find your chances to get to the final table likely higher in one than the others. It’s a calculated risk that must be taken keeping into mind the points we have discussed.

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