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Poker Statistics

Poker Stats: An Introduction

Recalling back to when you first tried your hands-on Poker and learned that a Flush beats a Straight. You are probably now at that point where you don’t need a chart to figure out which hand wins after the river betting is complete. With today’s modern poker trends and environment, the game has evolved almost way beyond reality. It has progressed technologically and virtually. The most modern poker players usually dissect new poker statistics. Poker forums are a legit thing. They coexist and pertain to topics of hand analysis and general strategy questions. There are obviously differing opinions on a players’ take on the poker statistics or strategies they claim to have read. A thread of unsalvageable tactics preserves the game and gets the set of players so invested that one is bound to practice the poker stats in every way possible. Poker players usually pre-estimate and pre-calculate their moves. Strategies? Yes, strategies! Online poker players typically play it cool and strategically which complies their game statistics of the win-rate and number of hands played. This is absolutely scratching the surface. But online poker has made the break-even equity and calculated moves easier to track the conceivable scenario.


Poker is not math. Online poker gives you the freedom to play tournaments at any time of the day. It is an intimidating experience to be sitting on the table in front of players. But online poker definitely gives a good start to newbies. It’s a good start with start of a degree of anonymity. Even when you know the rules, online is still a better place to learn and practice your poker stats. New players or experienced, you basically start from scratch. Trying your hands-on Spartan Poker gives you an entire experience from beginner level to intermediate level. It helps you analyze your game and keeps your stats preserved within their history. Being on beginner or intermediate level, you eventually outgrow your opponents by playing your poker statistics and pre-calculating your game. Poker statistics differ from game to game, be it a 5-card stud, 3-card stud, 7-card stud or Ho-lo! It’s very well diversified. Obviously, when you play live, you can only play one table at a time. It is highly competitive, but you aren’t losing any real money, so don’t worry! Online poker adds a lot of bonuses and other promotions.


To summarize:


  • Easier access
  • Round the clock games and tournaments
  • No real loss of money
  • Faster game
  • Preserves the history of the players stats
  • More formats to choose
  • Not so intimidating because players are virtual and not face-to face


I am sure if you are at this crazy poker affair, you are going to be pretty well versed with the poker hands that the players bet on. But to begin with, here are the basic hands the entire game revolves around and the poker statistics the players plan around: (Highest to lowest, obviously!)


  • Royal Flush: A, K, J, Q, 10 – Same suit
  • Straight Flush: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – In sequence and same suit
  • Four of a kind: K, K, K, K, 6 – Same ranked cards but same suit isn’t necessary
  • Full House: 9, 9, 9, 7, 7 – Pair and three of a kind
  • Flush: 2, K, Q, 3, 7 – Same suit but no sequence
  • Straight: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – Sequence but different suit
  • Three of Kind: 10, 10, 10, Q, 3 – Cards of the same rank
  • Two Pair: 9, 9, 6, 6, K – Two different pairs
  • Pair: A, A, 8, 6, 5 – Two cards of the same rank
  • High Card: 2, 3, 1, K, 9 – The “K’ plays the highest card


These set of basic hand matchups. However, the numbers on the cards differ according to the game. Online poker rooms are a common place for the stunts that a player can play in real time using a HUD table overlay. They say that the poker community revolves around 5% of people who play only for entertainment purpose whereas poker stats say otherwise. Out of the 5%, 1% less for making big bucks. But who cares? As far as you’re getting entertained and making the bucks, need not answer to anyone!


If you lose, you learn how to win. The outs and odds, the game theory, the strategies, take time to sink in. But online poker has made it a cakewalk for every player who isn’t confident of facing the crowd but playing the best by sitting down in front of his phone. There are people who take valuable coaching academically, but there are a few who learn by their mistakes. You improve every time you lose, you become more competitive, you aim to words being the best, in spite of consistently being a terrible player, because no one is terrible here. Everyone is a beginner, and everyone is a winner.


 The poker statics are the probabilities a hand has to hit on river. Delving into the poker statistics and how the odds, the equity, HU days and GTO poker opens up the doors to the other side of the coin. Poker statistics? Let us relate poker stats to the probability:


1. For premium cards: You pick the cards up, see high pocket pairs, or say A-K. You can call them premium cards for sure since there are only 2.3% chances for such hands. As a player you estimate the potential of your cards and calculate its value within the realm of probability depending on how your peers bet. If you are a newbie, you pre-calculate but if you are a professional, you know how the game runs. These are odds of hitting a hand. In case of a flop but flush draw, it hits the river 36% of the times. But in case of suited cards, they only improve your hand by 3%! Don’t you get fooled.


2. Investing in a pot: Let’s stick to the percentage business. 50% of your pot sized bet is to break even or bluff or make the opponent under confident. It is a statistic-based approach, fundamental and more profitable. Do not ignore any pot equity of any specific size. It’s all about the kicker. Suited connectors, a flush draw, or a got shot, has a power of winning depending on your confidence.


3. Player dedication: When having two pairs your chance of a full house is 17.53%, but what if you have three of a kind? You have the goddamn odds and the power of full house, and the percentage might shoot up to say 33%! Why not give it a try? Why give up? Why not keep up to the pace to the players? You are only here to learn and win. Don’t demoralize. Use your poker statistics in place, and the table is hot and yours. Don’t let the strong weaken you. Apply a range of filters in the way you react.


4. Burn, River: These cards decide your luck, but you decide your game. The illusion of well-suited cards would improve your game by 2% but never give up because there are chances of you hitting the board without revealing your cards. Don’t fold, Wait for a straight draw on the flop, two pairs, one pair, suits, or a power of a full house. Play even for your high cards in hand. Play small ball poker statistics. Let your opponent weaken over your confidence. That’s when you know you’ve got it!


5. Don’t lose hope: In general, online poker stat says that people usually end up losing money, but it doesn’t dissatisfy them because it’s not real money! Online poker is not exhaustive in this world of poker. For newbies the statistics don’t really matter, but for professional poker players, poker statistics play a critical role in helping them make winning strategies.


6. The game-changer: Your poker statistics decide how strong your game is. The world of poker statistics and applications is mysterious, complicated but benefits people when they analyze their own hands and learn from their mistakes. Every individual has badly defined goals but all you got to do is stay focused and start reading every individual is games.


7. The Etiquettes: Slow rolling? Yes, it is a bad habit. Make your decisions quick, slow-rolling can sometimes be justified if in a serious game, but don’t do it on purpose to annoy your opponents. Don’t really tap on the glass and berate a bad player by showing him that he sucked at the game. Just bite the bullet and Have fun. Don’t influence a week player on the table by making decisions for him. There is always a difference in attempt of a weak player or a professional player and profane from using abusive language if things don’t fall in your plate.


The most valuable and determined player tends to make fair mistakes and sometimes fails to evaluate the hand that other people are playing on. Sometimes his poker statistics/strategies might not be enough for him and would not benefit him greatly. If you don’t consistently think that you can do better tomorrow, always aim at being the best version of you at this game. Poker training sites don’t decide your smartness or your skill level. It’s you who budgets the skill and invests in learning the poker statistics. Spartan Poker enhances your poker concepts, the format, and your efforts of learning successful poker statistics by giving you a platform. Spartan Poker gives you the feel of a real virtual table and crazy seamless experience of playing poker. Spartan Poker is literally the future of professional online poker! Are you ready to experience? Download Poker App!

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