Types of Carrom Games

Last updated on : 12 Feb, 2024

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Different Types of Carrom Board Games

One of the most popular board games, carrom game is very well-known especially amongst the Indians who have played it in their childhood days. In India, there isn't one who has not played carrom or types of carrom games.

Carrom was so famous that it was a part of every India's day-to-day activity or outing. People loved playing it in their pastime, holidays, gatherings, competitions etc.

However, with the advancement in technology, carrom game has now been made available online with many gaming platforms foraying into the market.

Many different types of carrom games have entered the market with the chance to win real money. While the rules and gameplay varied in online carrom, the games still promised some sort of entertainment and excitement. 

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5 Different Types of carrom games:

1. Family Point Carrom

The Family Point Carrom game is a type of carrom type games which is very famous amongst the young and old age players. This type of carrom board game is played mostly in South Asian countries.

In these types of carrom games, a player can pocket any coin be it queen or the usual ones. The objective of this game is very similar to the classic version of carrom - flick the striker & pocket the queen or coin.

While most rules are similar, there are some that are widely followed too -

  • There is points system enabled in these types of carrom game. The black one carries 5 points whereas the white ones have 10 points. The queen carries 25 points.
  • You need to pocket any colour of coin once the queen has been pocketed. By doing so, you get points as well. If you fail to get the queen, it comes back in the middle of the board.
  • The player who rakes in the highest points in the game, wins.

2) Duboo

Another types of carrom games that's played by many especially in the region of Pakistan, Duboo is a variant of carrom board game that has a larger board size & the players here slide the striker instead of the usual pocketing the coins.

3) Tokyu-Ban

In this carrom type games, the name basically implies that of a throw or fight ball board game. As for the name, Tokyu-Ban, it's origins are traced in Japan.

The game garnered popularity during the Showa period in Japan and then was titled as 'Tokyu-Ban'. Despite being popular in Japan, Tokyu-Ban is also enjoyed in other Asian regions and countries.

4) Professional Carrom

In this carrom type games, every carrom player is assigned a designated colour & the player has to pocket that colour only. This types of carrom game is being followed in UK, India and other regions where it’s quite often played.

This variant is found on many online versions too with the real money offering added to it. 

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5) Point Carrom

This types of carrom game are vastly popular amongst kids & is played in the East Asian region. The gameplay of this variant is similar to that of family-point carrom, this types of carrom game has some variable rules -

  • You can pocket any colour coins.
  • The black ones carry a point each whereas the white ones also carry 1 point, and the queen carries 3 points.
  • If you pocket the queen, you must also pocket a coin to cover the queen.
  • The first to reach 21 points, wins the game.
  • If no one reaches the 21-score mark, the one who has the highest points, is declared the winner. In case of a tie, the players are then bound to play a tiebreaker to decide the winner. 


These variants are not known to many who play this game. These carrom type games are played and enjoyed in many other countries and are fondly loved.

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