Texas Holdem Poker Tips On How And When To Play Aggressive?

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Texas Holdem Poker Tips On How And When To Play Aggressive?

In online poker, the general advice to be more aggressive is often passed on. Regardless of the variant, players are often told that it is beneficial to play poker online aggressively and that failing to be aggressive can reduce your chances of success.

Less often provided are specifics regarding how and when to apply such aggression in online poker games. So, let's look at the specifics regarding how to be aggressive and when.

How to Be Aggressive?

It is easier to talk about how to apply aggression in online poker, that is, to identify certain actions as aggressive than it is to explain when to be aggressive. With regards to Texas Holdem Poker Online, players can distinguish themselves as aggressive in a number of ways, beginning before the flop.

Those who open raise and three bets a lot often are known as aggressive players. Even novice players soon discover that only a relatively small percentage of starting hands are strong enough with which to raise or reraise. Thus, when the players raise or re-raise more often, then such a percentage suggests that they are demonstrating preflop aggression.

All of these moves are situation dependent. In any case, a player making them frequently enough is categorizes as aggressive, and if the moves are timed perfectly and effectively, that player stands out as a tough one to beat.

When to Be Aggressive?

1. When Your Opponent Shows Weakness

As noted, checking after the flop is often considered as a sign of weakness. So, too, are actions like preflop, limping, making small bets, check-calling, and other examples of passive play. Being aggressive is a good response but you have to take into consideration the hand strength not the quality of the players. So, it is not a good idea to bluff against a weak player who plays loose.

2. When Your Opponents Are Tight

Don’t confuse being tight with being passive. A tight player plays few hands and thus is often only gets involved with very strong hands and/or continues with strong made hands post-flop. On the other hand, a passive player likes to check and call.

Against overly tight players, an aggressive player can often thrive by picking up pots without having to make hands him/herself. The key, of course, is to be aware when the tight player finally starts to fight back against all your preflop raises and post-flop pot stealing bets. That's when it is likely a good time to ramp down the aggression and let the hand go.

3. When Your Opponents Think You Are Tight

Perhaps you are a really tight player, or you have just encountered a bad run of starting hands and haven't been able to get involved in the game for a while. In any case, if you think your opponent suspects you to be on the tight side, a sudden gush of aggression is likely to earn respect.

Final Words of Advice

Hopefully, this overview provides a better, more concrete plan for online poker players looking to start incorporating different gameplay into their Texas Holdem Poker Online games. Learn what aggressive online poker is, especially work on recognizing the spots both before and after the flop where it is more effective to employ such aggression and master the art of online poker.


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