Table Manners - A guide to Poker etiquette

When you are at the tables its best to be polite in a high-stakes game. Not only will you concentrate but you will also stay onside with your fellow players. Here's a quick guide to Poker Table Manners by Spartan Poker.

Pay Attention

That hot waitress does not deserve your attention, your hand does. Do not keep your fellow players waiting by chatting up or watching YouTube video tutorials on pick-up lines.

Be Polite, Always

Respect begets respect. Foul language may seem like fun trash talk but can land you in hot water and will see your opponent consider you an idiot. Watch your tongue or you may never be invited back to that table.

Announce Your Actions

No matter how big the chip, throwing just one into the center is considered a call. So, tell the table what you are doing before you do it. This is particularly important in a game where the dealer is not a professional.

Try Modesty On For Size

Nobody likes to lose a big pot or get rivered by a 2-outer. So, act in a dignified manner as if you were on the receiving end of the bad beat.

These simple Table Manners should hold you in good stead with your fellow poker player, always.