Guide for Beginners to Spartan Poker’s VIP club

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Beginner’s Guide to Spartan Poker VIP club

Spartan Poker is India’s leading digital platform to play poker online, and we strive to give you the best gaming experience possible. We share immense pride and joy in revolutionizing poker in India with our ongoing attempts of making the game as memorable and relevant as we can. To elevate the game of cards even further, we have gone a step ahead in the creative service that we provide for our users with the introduction of our Online VIP Club where you can get the fullest of your poker investments.

Winnings Offered to All 

This new VIP club benefits all those poker enthusiasts who have been playing the game dedicatedly and reaping the rewards, this one is to maximize your gains. Through our VIP club, you can unlock several exciting cash prizes, tickets to exclusive poker tournaments and magnificent rewards like luxury cars, bikes, smartphones, international travel packages and much more. Sounds too good to be true.

Well, you need not slap your wrist because this is indeed the reality of playing poker at the highest standard online which comes with your membership at Spartan Poker. So, whether you are someone who plays poker occasionally and makes a small winning, or whether you are a veteran performer who takes a pot or more ever so often, this benefits all of you.

VIP Points and Levels

A point to highlight with our VIP club deal that will be a thrill to know for all Spartans is that the VIP points aren’t restricted to a particular style of play. Whether you are a tournament player or someone to play cash games, these points will be awarded to you both. Another point of attraction is that these VIP points come with no expiration date attached to them.

This means that you are entitled to the reward you have earned regardless of the style of poker you play, how many points you make at each sitting, or how long it’s taken you to get to a threshold. All you need to do is play the game as much as you can, accumulate the VIP Club points and take home the prize you’ve earned. Given below is the level design of our VIP club that you will slowly climb. The higher you rank, the better the prizes.

  VIP Level                 VIP Points              Multiplier Cashback  

Recruit                            0                                1X 10%

Fighter                         2,500                            2X 20%

Warrior                        20,000                        2.5X 25%

Gladiator                     40,000                           4X 40%

Elite                             60,000                           6X 60%

“We are delighted and proud to take Spartan Poker to another level and reward all our loyal players with the introduction of The VIP Club. We have introduced this program to encourage and appreciate the skills of poker enthusiasts from varied and disperse parts of the country. I am certain that players will have a great time playing and winning enormous rewards at Spartan Poker.”

- Spartan Poker MD and Co-founder, Mr Amin Rozani.

VIP Club Benefits

For those wondering exactly what our VIP club offers, here’s a sneak peek. To begin with, the VIP points that you collect by playing cash games and daily poker tournaments can be redeemed easily at any given moment. Apart from that, you can play exclusive VIP tournaments that are just as high in the fun as they are in rewards. Moreover, players are eligible for up to 60% cashback for both cash games as well as tournaments. To top this all, you can avail up to 100% TDS free withdrawals as you advance through the VIP levels.

  VIP Club Rewards 

At the start of this blog, we discussed that a ton of grand prizes awaits the destiny of those who play a hand at Spartan Poker, but what exactly are these prizes and how many VIP points do you require to avail them? Well, to play spoilers, the ultimate prize is going to be an exquisite Range Rover Evoque that you can claim by collecting 20,64,900 VIP points.

But that isn’t all. There’s also an Audi A4-30, a BMW X1 and a Mercedes-Benz CLA that you could win. From the most expensive of cars to the most relaxing of vacations and everything else in-between, there is an entire range of gifts that you can win on Spartan Poker as part of our VIP club membership. These rewards also include cash prizes and tournament tickets. Check out our website to see the full list of rewards that you can win based on the VIP level you are on.

How to Redeem VIP points at Spartan Poker?

This is rather simple; just follow these steps given below:

1. Send an email to [email protected] to redeem your prize.

2. Our support team will confirm to see if you have earned the required points for the requested reward.

3. Upon confirmation, the necessary points will be deducted from your account, about which you will be notified. Your prize will then be shipped.

4. Tournament tickets and other cash prizes can be redeemed instantaneously.

5. You can redeem multiple rewards each month.

To Sum it Up  

? Get VIP Points to win big prizes on Spartan by playing any game format.

? Every VIP point can be redeemed at Rs. 5.

? Your rewards range from cash prizes, tournament tickets, vacation packages to luxurious cars.

? Redeem as many rewards as you please, any day, any time with no restrictions or expiry dates.

? Get up to 60% cashback offers for both cash games and tournaments alike.

? Enjoy up to 100% TDS free withdrawals as you escalate through the VIP levels.

Now that you have learned all that there is to know about exclusive online poker VIP club, why not get started playing the game for yourself? By downloading the official Spartan Poker app, you can register yourself with no time at all and be part of our VIP club. From learning the basics of cash games to knowing some crucial tips on how to win poker tournaments, all the variations that you love and wish to play are available on our platform with important blogs and pages to assist your game. So, join the Spartan army in India’s leading digital poker platform and play the game of cards in the safest and rewarding manner available.


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