Is It Possible to Beat a Poker Giant?

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Is it possible to beat a poker giant? Yes, of course. How? The answer is: Run good. But seriously, there are some winning strategies to take out tight, strong, and tough opponents. When talking about how to play poker, you may have heard the saying 'tight is right', this is accurate to some degree. Online poker players who are new the world of poker are often advised to play tight, with a narrow and strong range of hands, on the other hand, the experienced ones prefer to play a tight style than can be very hard to beat. Knowing how to beat a poker giant can be the difference between having a winning session and losing one.

Let's learn how to beat these poker giants at their own game.

1. Understand the Poker Mathematics

Like it or not, online poker comes down to mathematics. There is a whole lot to it, but let's start with the basics. There are pot & stack ratios, EV, equities, and so on, you have to understand what each of these terms means and how you can use this knowledge effectively. Don't worry, you don't require a degree in mathematics, just have look around the forums and training websites to find poker material or take a crash course. Everything you learn determines what your opponents are doing and what they should be doing.

2. Bankroll Management

Most of the times the poker pros go broke, they ultimately fall back at the first hurdle and back out. This happens mostly because of the pressure that they already owe people money and they want to make up by selling action. And, of course, they end up losing money prior to the win. Lesson? You have to know what your bankroll is and how much can you afford to play. Even if you are the best player on the table, you put yourself at risk if you don't abide by the golden rules. So, if you can't afford a certain level of investment right now, lower down the stakes and grind your way up.

3. Managing Emotions, Ego & Avoiding ‘Tilting’

The true giants of the game are calm and composed, especially under pressure. Freeroll poker tournaments online are stressful games, and if you stress, you lose because your body responds in certain ways. In order to win, you have to try and put aside your emotional state and think rationally. If you are not able to stay in control, you are likely to tilt and spew off chips to the opponents. Ego is the devil that has become the reason for the downfall of many poker pros. Losing pots can be annoying, but you have to stay balanced and calm. This is the first step towards accepting the variance of poker.

Think You are Ready to Beat a Poker Giant?

One last thing before you go off running to the tables, just remember these poker giants are really smart cookies. They know much more about the hand ranges, equities, EV, and everything about online poker. So, be prepared. Thankfully, there is a lot of information readily available including training websites, free content, and plenty of YouTube channels that can walk you through hand histories and allow you to pick up new and valuable information free of charge. Thumb Rule to Win at Online Poker: Be Prepared. Be Focused. Be Calm.


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