The basics of 2-7 Triple Draw

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The basics of 2-7 Triple Draw

An Introduction to 2-7 Triple Draw

2-7 Triple Draw is a poker draw variant, using the lowball hand ranking system. Players will discard cards from their hand in draw variants and replace them with deck cards. Triple draw lowball is also known as Kansas City Lowball.

Typically, the draw takes place before each betting round and takes place three times in 2-7 Triple Draw hence the name "Triple Draw". The best way to characterize a lowball format is by phrasing "the worst hand wins" or triple draw lowball. This condition isn't always the case because there are different ways to calculate lowball hands.

The rankings for triple draw lowball hands used in Stud Hi / Lo and Omaha Hi / Lo are not the same as those used in 2-7 Triple Draw.

Let us look at the basics:

2-7 triple draw hand rankings are in some sense the easiest to learn because they're the complete opposite of Hold'em. The worst hand in Hold'em is a deuce to seven triple draw poker or 2,3,4,5,7, but in 2-7 Triple Draw, it does make the nuts.

Even, A,2,3,4,6 is not a great deck since the Ace should always be regarded as high. Hence, deuce to seven- 2,3,4,5,7 beats A,2,3,4,6. This is where the version gets its name, Deuce to Seven. 2,3,4,5,6 will be a straight six-high, and thus not a good hand from a 2-7 Triple Draw viewpoint. We count straights and flushes against our hand.

How to Make Hands in 2-7 Triple Draw

Making hands in 2-7 Triple Draw is more straightforward than in most other variants of poker. At any given moment, players always have precisely five cards in their hand. We need not worry about combining hole cards with community cards as we do with games like Omaha and Hold'em.


The blinds must be placed before any cards are dealt. The player posts the small blind and big blind directly to the left of the button, and the player two to the left of the button, respectively.

In that respect, 2-7 Triple Draw is similar to Hold'em and Omaha.


Terms like "preflop" and "flop" are no longer used when discussing draw games. The word "flop" implies community cards and draw variants usually don't use any community cards.

In 2-7 Triple Draw, there are four betting rounds which we use the words "pre-draw" and "post-draw" to help us differentiate between them. (The post draw is any betting round that occurs after the initial draw.)

2-7 Triple Draw: The Draw

Once all the betting before the drawing is complete, players now decide which of their cards they want to discard. Players can discard any number, including all five, of their hole cards. If players choose to retain their current five-card range, they have the right to "standpat," which means nothing is drawn.

Starting with the small blind and going in the direction of the clock, players declare how many cards they discard and draw the same number of cards from the deck.

When the deck runs out of cards, it is possible to reshuffle the discard pile and view it as a fresh deck.

The deal and the first round of betting

The hand is underway once the blinds are posted. With 2-7 Triple Draw, each player in hand is dealt five cards face down, starting with the player to the left of the dealer button.

The first round of betting ensues after the cards are dealt. Beginning with the player to the left of the big blind, every player has the option to fold their hand, call or raise the current bet! If no one raises, the big blind player has the option of testing their hand, which means the player does not make a bet but still maintains his hand.

The amount you can bet or raise depends on the betting structure of the game you are playing:

  • If it is No Limit game, you can bet all your chips any time in your hand
  • If the play is Pot Limit, you can bet any amount from the minimum bet to the pot size
  • If it is Fixed Limit game, you can bet in increments of a fixed bet limit corresponding to the size of the blinds

Draw number 1

When the first betting round is over, all players still in hand have the option of discarding any or all of their cards and drawing new ones. Click on the cards you want to get rid of and then press the Discard button while working.

Alternatively, you can pick the cards that you want to discard and then test the Pre-action Discard option to automatically discard your cards when it's your turn to act.

You have the right to "stand up pat" if you choose not to discard any cards To do this, either check the Pre-Action option for Stand Pat or click the Stand Pat button when it is your turn to act:

When all players have discarded, new cards are drawn from the deck, and each player is dealt the same number of cards that they discarded.

Please note: More cards can be required in draw games than are available in the deck. In this case, there will be a reshuffling of the deck. Learn how to re-shuffle the deck in games at the draw.

2-7 Triple Draw: Betting and Drawing Rounds number 2 and 3

After the first draw, there will be another betting round, starting with the first player to the left of the press. If there is no bet, you have the option to check your hand or place a bet. If you face a bet, you have the option of folding, calling or raising.

When the second betting round is over, draw number 2 is taken. As with the first draw, every player left in hand can discard any or all of their cards, or stand pat.

The third round of betting occurs after new cards are drawn, followed by draw number 3. Draw number 3 is the last chance to get the best possible hand.

2-7 Triple Draw: A final betting round and showdown

One last betting round takes place after the third draw. This betting round follows the same format as preliminary rounds.

Once the last betting round is complete, there will be a showdown with any players left in the deck. The low-handed team wins the jackpot! When there is a tie for the best hand, the pot is split evenly among the players tied. The pot can occasionally not be evenly split between all players. If there are any outstanding chips left in the pot, the remaining players will be given the 'extra' chips one at a time, starting with the player nearest to the left of the button.

A player rarely runs out of chips before all the betting is over. In these cases, one or more side pots are produced, and correct main and side pots are awarded by the program. Once a player is all in, it is possible to make a bet or raise that is not called so there is always a showdown.

Players often show that they do not lose hands. However, you are entitled to see any cards that were involved at the showdown while they were not seen. Click on the previous hand to create a new window that displays last hand results and all active cards.

It's important to bear in mind that drawing additional cards carries the risk of making our hand significantly worse. A decent low-hand might end up picking up a pair or turning it into a straight/flush.

While drawing in a variant such as 2-7 Triple Draw will still make our hand worse, it will typically only make the hand slightly worse.

Drawing in 2-7 Triple Draw can sometimes totally destroy our hand. When there is already a good probability that we are normally head based on the number of cards our opponent draws, drawing to a better low and risk damaging our hand may not be right.

2-7 Triple Draw is played mainly on a fixed limit betting system. The permissible bets are similar to fixed limit Hold'em on every lane. All games including triple draw lowball have four bets around, allowing plays to double their bet size on the last two betting rounds.

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