Poker is a game of intricacies. It involves a lot of skill and what's better than to hone these skills as a way to impress your friends. Indeed, it's not as easy as it sounds. You'll need a few tips and tricks up your sleeve if you're going to show off your poker skills. And surely these poker hacks shall help you in doing so.

Poker involves bluffing, calculation, and attentiveness. Saying poker is an enticing game would be an understatement. But it's not that daunting as it may sound. All you need is a few tips on how to champ this game and regular practice. You can pick up on anything if you do it regularly and with dedication. That's the case with poker too. So, don't worry playing the game will buff your skills and you can hone them in front of your friends.

Let's talk about some hacks that can help you not only improve your game but leave your friends in awe of your poker skills.

Basics are the way to go: Knowing your fundamentals will clear up concepts. Be it any game or any other thing you're trying to study. Knowing the basics of poker and sticking to them will help you go a long way in the game. Get your poker hand rankings in place. Understand when to call, fold, and raise. These are just three of the actions of poker. Learn more about the poker hands, actions, stages and moves. These poker hacks in the game will help you with the impression you're trying to leave on your friend.

Don’t get afraid of the math: When we say poker requires calculation, this means it requires the basics of math. So, don't fret over the mathematics of the game. Focus on your game as it requires nothing but simple calculations.

No-go to the ego: Leave your ego when you come to play even a hand of poker. Ego won't help your game. You'll either become an aggressive player who just wants to win or pout the whole time. This poker hack will certainly not impress your friend. So be jovial, have that sportsmanship spirit on and get playing a hand of poker.

Mentor and friends to the rescue: It will be helpful if you sought after a fellow player who is a friend and can be a mentor to you as well. They can teach you about poker and impart their poker skills onto you.

Stick to your bankroll: Overplaying your hand and disrupting your bankroll will do you no good. Playing above your bankroll can get dangerous and tricky. It's best to set a threshold for yourself and stick to it.

Suppose you're a beginner, start playing smaller and lower hands. Don't overplay your hand and try to push your beginner's luck. Set a small bankroll and stick to it because it's for the best.

Develop disciplined personal habits: You shouldn't let a game overpower your routine. Stick to healthy personal habits. As much as you love the riveting game of poker if you want to impress your buddies you also need to be aware of the fact that poker and other recreational activities and habits should get balanced out perfectly. Too much of anything can get bad so develop healthy personal habits and stick to them.

Reading always helps: If there's one thing that can give you in-depth knowledge on any subject, it's reading. The fact doesn't differ much in the case of poker as well. Reading books written by some of the best poker players in the world will help you get into the world of poker and be a part of it in the most elaborate way. You'll learn the hacks in the most detailed manner and know more about poker than ever. Reading about poker is a sure shot way to impress your friends with your newfound knowledge on the subject.

Practice makes perfect: Play online poker tournaments and poker games on Spartan Poker. We have a list of poker tournaments happening through the week. We've got something for everyone. Practice your poker skills online. Online poker hacks aren't entirely different from what you'll play in a casino or with your friends. So, go on, get practising your poker skills before honing them in front of your friends.

There you have a list of ways you can impress your friends with. And the next best thing to do is to get playing to show off and practice the hacks you've learnt. So what are you waiting for? Get playing today!