How have hyper-casual games gained popularity?

Games that are easy to play and have simple user interfaces are known as hyper-casual games. They are incredibly enticing but also simple to follow. However, they provide the consumers with a lot of fun.

The best thing about these games is that they don't need a tutorial and only take a little while to go through in a round. Additionally, they are normally free to download, and the developers get paid through in-app advertisements and in-app purchases.

You may play these games on your smartphone without needing any special hardware or software.

In recent years, the specialty of hyper-casual games has become notably well-known. The release of Flappy Bird in 2013 gave these games an unexpected boost in popularity.

Since then, there hasn't been a downturn in this genre. Particularly mobile games have benefited greatly from this. Have you ever questioned why they have gained such a following?

In general, when playing a game, gamers seek out a good plot and captivating aesthetics. On the other hand, hyper-casual games emphasize the opposite. Although they are short games that frequently only take a minute to play, they have little to no backstory or plot.

Hyper-casual games don't take up any room on your phone and virtually never need instructions. Once you start playing them, it will become clear that although being simple, they nonetheless offer a lot of enjoyment and repeat value. 

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Here are some figures demonstrating the rise in popularity of ultra-casual mobile games:

  • Hyper-casual increased its proportion of gaming app installs by much to 3.5 times in the previous year.
  • Hyper-casual games helped 101 million new players discover the world of video games.
  • The market for casual games has grown to almost $2 billion.
  • Compared to other gaming genres, hyper-casual gamers download ten times as many applications and watch twice as much video advertising.

Instead of in-app purchases, the hyper-casual game will frequently make money from in-app advertisements. The speedy design of the game and its presentation of it to the audience is the commercial strategy of such genres.

The goal of mobile video game companies is to reach as many users as possible after the game is released. Paid advertisements are used to generate cash if the site has a sizable user base.

Thus, it is clear that gamers of all ages enjoy playing games that are quite casual. We can see that the mobile gaming business automatically bets on it given the quantity of hyper-casual games that are created each year.

Reasons for the Popularity of Hyper Casual Games

1. It's Easy to Play

The simplicity of hyper-casual games is their main selling feature. These smartphone games offer more skill accessibility for sure. This implies that you don't need to be an experienced gamer to start enjoying these video games straight away.

Once you become familiar with the key movements, it instantly captures your interest and becomes incredibly addicting. The broad population is drawn to this trait. Even though the graphics in these games are frequently above average, many people still play them on their phones. 

2. The Qualities

To draw players, games must have highly compelling gameplay. Hyper casual people don't always adhere to this rule. They don't adhere to the plot-heavy guideline, yet they are compelling enough to maintain the replayability factor.

Gameplay is referred to as the user experience and elements of the video game, which include the storyline, mechanics, rules, and sound effects. Hyper casual games must be captivating enough to keep players interested.

3. Free

99 out of 100 times, the finest games are released on a free-to-play basis. A game has more accessibility and can readily appeal to players of all ages when it is free to play.

You may download tens of thousands of free video games from the Google Play and iOS store. Therefore, the popularity of the game increases with ease of access.

4. Simple to Build

An engaging storyline is essential for creating Hyper Casual games with a highly engaging user experience. To create games that are incredibly effective, mobile apps simply need to apply a few simple techniques.

As a result, games must also be created in the smallest amount of time. They should be able to immediately grasp the basic idea of a game as soon as they begin playing it. The creator of the game must keep an eye out for new mobile trends that can be included in it.

Who Can Play in the Hyper Casual Mode?

Like you and I, hyper casual gamers seek out entertainment when they are bored. This might happen while we're waiting in line, riding the bus, or on a train that's delayed. The genre is irrelevant to ultra-casual gamers as long as the games are fun and worthwhile.

In this, players aren't looking for challenging gameplay or strategy. All they want is a good time, lots of entertainment, and a way to pass the time.

In order to give players a sense of success after winning a competition, several games also use timers. Users can temporarily lose themselves in a different setting or character.

Hyper Casual Game Commercialization

According to gaming researchers, the popularity of hyper-casual games will more than double by 2023. Since January 2021, 17.6 million installations of hyper-casual games have been seen daily, or 12.5% of all installed net games.

Ads are the main source of revenue for hyper-casual games, therefore selecting the right ad units and monetization tools is essential for maximizing profits.

When strategizing ad implementation to deliver more impressions to users, developers must take into account various aspects in addition to analyzing specific ad units, such as session length and the number of sessions per day.

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