How to play poker ?

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Poker is a popular game that seems easy to learn but requires regular practice and right strategies to get acquainted with the game and start relishing the rewarding benefits. Though poker is a card game, poker is considered a game of strategies. While there are several offline poker platforms where you can bet money and showcase your skills to win, playing poker online is still the popular option of acquiring bigger rewards. From constantly keeping an eye on the gameplays of your opponents and decide when to bluff, fold, or show, learning to play poker online is not a mere cakewalk.

If you are a beginner and if the question “how to play poker” has got you here, then this blog will help you find some effective ways to play poker online and eventually move forward to become a champion.

Let’s delve into some of the basics of playing poker online for beginners who have just discovered their interests in the game and wishing to become a pro player.

Step 1: Poker Hand Rankings

Apart from mindful strategies of poker, the highest value hand determines the final winner. Poker hand is the set of five playing cards, each having different ranks in the game. Following are some of the poker hands you must be familiar with:-

1      Royal Flush: All the same suit; A-K-Q-J-T

2      Straight Flush: Any sequence with all same suit; 9-8-7-6-5

3      Four of A Kind: Four cards with the same value, eg., A-A-A-A

4      Full House: Three of a kind and any pair

5      Flush: All same suit

6      Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same value, eg., 5-5-5

7      Two Pair: Any two pairs; eg., 9-9 and 5-5


Step 3: Deposit Money Safely

Playing online poker involves depositing money online in order to start playing. Determining where and how to invest your money can be strenous task. There are plenty of renowned online poker platforms that follow ethical processes of hosting poker game. It is essential to filter such sites and deposit wisely.

Step 2: Know The Table Positions

Table position is the prominent element in a poker game. Irrespective of your skills and strategy, the current situation, or the hand you are playing will create a significant difference in your winning probability. The table position will give you better insights regarding how to play poker in the best way possible.   

Step 4: Understand Different Variants

There are different variants of online poker. Different poker sites provide poker games. Following are some of the online poker games that you must be acquainted with:-

1.     Texas Holdem Poker: A popular poker game variation where each player deals with two private cards and five community cards with face-up on the table. The player needs to make the best possible combination in order to win. 

2.     Pot-limit Omaha: In this online poker game, each player is given four private cards and five community card with face-up on the table. the player needs the best combination of five cards using two private cards and three community cards.

3.     Omaha Hi/Lo: Pot-Limit Omaha is a popular online poker variant where players are given two out of four hole cards and three from the board in order to create low/high hand combination.

Follow the above-mentioned steps of how to play poker. Keep brushing your skills by engaging in the maximum number of online poker games and play maximum hands in order to get adapted with the game and create your own strategy.  


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