Pineapple Poker- How to Play Poker

Last updated on : 28 Jan, 2021

How to Play

Poker players and their ever so creative minds have led to some of the most fun creations the game has ever seen. The game of poker is unique and yet very versatile, which gives it a lot of scope for experiment. Poker has an end number of variations. Being a game originated in the 16th century, poker has a vast number of game types. Different games are popular in different places, but they all come together and become an available option when playing poker online.

Just as the fruit, this game is not the flavour for all. It has its fans, but it also has those who’d prefer other alternatives. Either way, no game of pineapple poker has ever ended without the players thoroughly enjoying themselves, and without a big pot being earned. Despite its popularity amongst casual poker players, you are very unlikely to find this version of poker on any significant league tournament. In fact, it has never even featured in the Poker World Series. Also, though it hasn’t had its time under the sun, that doesn’t stop it from being an enjoyable experience amongst its fanbase.

Pineapple Poker- Its Variants

Just like with any other form of poker, this game also has its own three variations. These are pineapple poker, crazy pineapple poker, and lazy pineapple poker.

A game is similar to Texas Hold’em, the most popular form of poker across the globe. Therefore, if you’re well-versed with the rules, structure, hand rankings, and strategies of Texas Hold ’em, then can dive into this game without much of thought. The significant difference between this game and Texas Hold ’em, is that in this game, players have the mandatory obligation of discarding one playing card at a specific time during the game.

Furthermore, the difference between these variants’ pineapple poker, crazy pineapple poker, and lazy pineapple poker is only about when this playing card (hole card) is discarded. In regular pineapple poker, each player gets rid of the extra hole card during the pre-flop itself, that is, before the betting rounds begin. You do not have to show the card you have withdrawn.

In crazy pineapple poker, the card is eliminated only before the turn round. Lastly, for lazy pineapple poker, the extra hole card is removed at the river, after the betting rounds. A minimum of two to a maximum of 10 players can play any of the three variations. It is played with pot limit, fixed pot limit, or no-limit pot just like Texas Hold ’em.

Why would you discard a hole card?

This concept of having to discard a card during the game can serve as a distraction for players who are not familiar to such an idea. For others, it’s a matter of judgement. You ought to know which card to get rid of, to subject yourself to create the best poker hand possible. There may be situations where the card you remove may or may not make a difference because of the number of cards shuffled, the possibilities of hand rankings, and the number of players at the table. But on most other occasions, you’ll have to calculate and withdraw your excess hole card as you would not want to pull the wrong one.

Strategy & Execution

While playing the pineapple poker game, your experience and strategies from Omaha will surely help. The primary objective is to find connected hands either by suit or value. It will be beneficial to you if you play with high pairs during the start. That being said, the chances of hitting a set-in this game are relatively higher than Texas Hold ’em, although not too much. This works as a crazy pineapple strategy also because you possess one card in your hand that you will any which ways dispose. But the difference that exclusion may generally create is too minimal to play a major deciding factor in the game. Pineapple poker rules aren’t any different than that of Hold ’em. However, it is recommended not to play too many hands anticipating to hit on the flop.

Starting Hands

When it comes to starting hands in this game, the same rule applies that’s generally followed everywhere else. You have to look for high pairs and connected cards. A pair of aces alongside a suited third card is regarded as the most potent combination a player can own in this game. This is because when aces get cracked, this generally happens by a straight, and a straight has to have either a ten or a five. Therefore, if you have either of these cards, the odds for your opponents to find straights are lowered, especially in crazy pineapple poker where these hands play a role later.

Broadway pairs with a high, non-suited card come after Broadway pocket pairs with a suited card. Apart from that, try to hold onto hands with high cards. An ace, preferably with a high card with the same suit as the ace in your hand should do it for you.

Pineapple Poker Rules & How to Play

Pineapple poker rules are no different from general Texas Hold ’em that most players are used to playing, which makes it easier for all to understand. It is beginner-friendly so poker newbies can have fun playing this jolly poker variation, especially the crazy pineapple poker variation. Since there aren’t any major leagues and tournaments, fans can learn pineapple poker rules and enjoy playing local games with not many stakes. Here’s a glance at how the game is played for all variations, including for crazy pineapple poker.


Every player receives three-hole cards. Betting round begins with the player to the left of the one who posted the Big Blind. Every player will act in a clockwise direction till all of them have bet the same amount or, go all-in or have folded. In the regular version of this game, this is when each player discards one of their playing cards.


In this round, three community cards are placed face up on the table. These cards are called “Flop”. These can be used to make their 5-Card poker hand. The player who makes the Small Blind begins the betting round. If he folds the cards, the betting round starts from the first player to the left of him who does not fold his cards. Once all the bets are equal, and the same amount is put by each player in the pot, the game moves to the Turn round.

For crazy pineapple poker, this is the stage where you’ll have to eliminate a card from your playing hand.


A fourth Community Card is dealt face-up on the table. The third round of betting begins. The action starts with the first player who is closest to the left of the button, provided he is still in the hand.


In this round, the fifth or the last community card is dealt. This is also the final betting round. Action begins with the player remaining in the hand who is closest to the left of the button.

While playing lazy pineapple poker, also known as Tahoe Pineapple, this is where you get rid of one of your cards.


When all bets are equal, it’s time to reveal your cards. Betting round begins with player who last raised or bet in the previous round. If in the previous betting round all the remaining players have checked, the first player to the left from dealer who did not fold is to reveal his cards first.

Other players will show their cards moving in the clockwise direction around the table. If a player notices that his current hand is weaker than the winning hand shown, the options available are to either, show or muck. The best five-card hand takes the pot. It will be a split pot if two players have an identical hand. In this case, each player can claim the pot in which he took part. This applies for all types of variations of this game, including crazy pineapple poker.

When playing, the following are the actions participants can undertake at the table:

  • Call: Match the amount of the highest bet on the table
  • Raise: Increase the bet amount in the betting round
  • Check: Continue in the game without raising the bet further.This action can be taken a player only if he has already matched the biggest bet on the table or if no one has yet opened the betting round.
  • Fold: Leave the ongoing game by surrendering the hole cards to the dealer and wait for the next game.

This includes everything you needed to know about this fun and friendly game. Whichever variation you play, you are bound to enjoy, learn, and only appreciate poker furthermore. Check out Spartan Poker where you’ll find many such thrilling real money poker games, where you can gamble at the table with the world.

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