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Last updated on : 17 Jan, 2024

Gaming Youtubers

YouTube has become a tremendous platform for gamers to show off their talents, entertain viewers, and amass a devoted following in the fast-paced world of online gaming.

The popularity of the gaming industry has exploded during the past several years. These gamers' hard work proves that enthusiasm and diligence do not go ignored; a few of them are currently listed among the top Indian gamers on Instagram.

There are several gaming channels available today on different social media platforms. The gaming industry has become more well-known worldwide, and many people are now using games as their main source of income in India as well.

As we are in the start of 2024, the gaming community is still thriving, and India has seen a notable increase in skilled gaming YouTubers. Using their gameplay, comments, and distinctive personalities, the best Indian gaming YouTubers of 2024 will be introduced to you here.

Let's investigate the fascinating world of Indian gaming YouTubers and see why they deserve your attention.

1. Carry is Live, CarryMinati

Ajey Nagar, popularly known as CarryMinati, is a prominent figure in the Indian gaming community. Known for his humorous commentary and energetic persona, CarryMinati initially gained fame through his roast videos.

However, he has now ventured into gaming content, showcasing his skills, and engaging with his massive fanbase. With his entertaining style and engaging personality, CarryMinati has amassed millions of subscribers and continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the Indian gaming YouTube scene.

2. Mortal, Naman Mathur

Naman Mathur is incredibly well-known among Generation Z in the nation as "Mortal." He is, without a doubt one of India's top YouTube gaming influencers.

He earned this honour by competing for Team SOUL and represented India in international PUBG tournaments. Naman Mathur is an Indian YouTuber, gamer, and influencer in the gaming industry.

He is well-known to everyone as Mortal, the handle of his YouTube channel. A well-known PUBG broadcaster named Mortal is known for analyzing and creating creative PUBG videos.

3. Dynamo Gaming

By capitalizing on the popularity of PUBG mobile gaming in India, Aaditya D. Sawant was able to increase his profile. He is a fantastic influencer in the gaming industry as well as a superb player.

He is an Indian YouTuber, gamer, and influencer in the gaming industry. His YouTube channel, Dynamo Gaming, is well-known to everyone.

Sawant publishes films primarily on various gaming hacks, game reviews, information about gaming events, and unboxing videos. His PUBG live broadcasts cheats, and strategies are well-known.

4. Mythpat AKA Mithilesh Patankar

Mythpat, also known as Mithilesh Patankar, is well recognized for his informative PUBG and GTA videos. He has the best channel for enjoyment and all game tips and tactics.

He is adored and well-known for his partnerships with other well-known YouTube gaming influencers.

5. Chapati Hindustani Gamer, Pammi

Interested in learning more about the PUBG and Minecraft games? You should subscribe to this Youtube channel, Chapati Hindustani Gamer.

Find gameplay guides for games like Slender Man, Zombie, GTA Online, and Minecraft. He is at the top of many online lists of gaming YouTubers.

6. Sahil Rana

AS Gaming- Free Fire gaming player Sahil Rana of AS Gaming recently gained notoriety in 2020. He is well-recognized on YouTube for posting quick video challenges or shorts. He appears in numerous lists of the top Indian YouTube players.

7. Total Gaming

Ajay- Ajay from Total Gaming, a Free Fire player who is one of India’s most popular gaming YouTubers, is well-known for his Clash Squad, Grand Theft Auto, Spiderman, and Hulk Incredible videos. He's one of the top YouTubers for gaming.

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8. Desi Gamers, Amit Sharma

Free Fire is a favorite of this Indian gamer and his Indian army. Amit Sharma, affectionately known as Amitbhai, is one of the most well-known YouTubers in the online gaming industry.

9. Live Insaan by Nischay Malhan

Nishachay Malhan, also known as the Live Insaan, is one of the Youtbe gaming influencers with one of the fastest increasing followings. Playthroughs of PUBG and Minecraft are among his most popular posts.

10. Ayush Dubey, a gamer without a degree

The UnGraduate player, also known as Ayush Dubey, is a well-known free fire player. He enjoyed challenges, solo matches, montages, games, and free-fire videos. He consistently ranks in the top 10 gaming YouTubers.

11. Sarfaraz Ahmad, A Gamer's Aid 

Sarfaraz Ahmad, also known as "Helping Gamer," is a well-known esports competitor. He is well known for his squad games and free fire style.

12. Lokesh Gamer, Lokesh Raj

Lokesh Raj, also referred to as the "Diamond King," is well-known for his Battle Royale for Free Fire streaming. Unquestionably, he is one of the top Indian gaming YouTubers.

The Indian gaming YouTube community is teeming with talented content creators who have carved a niche for themselves. In this blog, we explored some of the top Indian gaming YouTubers of 2024 who have managed to capture the hearts of millions with their gaming skills, humor, and unique personalities.

From CarryMinati's energetic commentary to Lokesh Raj’s exceptional gameplay, and Mortal's representation of India in international tournaments, these YouTubers have proven their mettle and continue to entertain and inspire their audiences.

While this blog highlights some of the prominent Indian gaming YouTubers of 2023, the gaming community is vast, and there are many more incredible content creators worth exploring.

So, if you're a gaming enthusiast or simply looking for some entertainment, don't hesitate to check out these top Indian gaming YouTubers. Who knows, you might discover your next favorite gaming channel and join the ever-growing community of gaming enthusiasts in India and beyond.

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