Free Online Poker Guide - How To Play Poker For Beginners

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Poker is not a complex game. Learning the basic poker rules and understanding how to play poker online can be picked up in minutes. That is the easy part. It is mastering the game that takes time. For novice players, it is imperative to balance the fun and excitement of online poker games with the hefty losses you can quickly rack up if you don't know what you are doing at the tables. How do you get on your way as the best poker star? Here are four poker strategy tips to get you up and running.

1. Get a Feel of The Game for Free

The only way to understand the world of poker is to experience it. So, sign up to an online poker website and play free poker tournaments. All online poker websites offer free online poker games that act as your training ground. When you are confident enough to play poker online for real money, then switch the tables and raise the stakes. But, start at the lowest stakes available online and build up as much experience as possible.

2. Position is Everything

The concept of position is one of the most important elements of poker that is often overlooked by novice players. The dealer button is the most dominant position on the poker table because it means you always get to act last for the rest of the pot. The spot immediately to the right of the dealer is the second most powerful position and so on. Here's an extra special secret no one will tell you: over your entire poker career, you can win more money from the dealer button than from any other position.

3. Pay Attention

Above all, this poker strategy is situational and for that reason, you must always pay attention to what other players are doing on the table. This might be a tall order when you are just starting out but try at least to keep an eye on the player to your right and two players to the left. These players are most likely to be involved with you most often. Pay attention to whether they are playing passively or aggressively and keep an eye out for the number of hands they are playing.

4. Develop Your Skills

While you learn a lot from both wins and losses, poker is not just a game you can master at the tables. You also have to learn a lot more by reading blogs, books, and learning advanced strategies about poker. To play poker online is a great way to improve your skills and knowledge, but make sure to choose the right table and stick to lower stake tournaments. And, always remember to keep notes as you play online poker games. This helps you refine your strategies, learn from your mistakes, and makes you better and better.

Final Words of Advice

Every player is bound to have a bad session at online poker games. All you have to remember when you are starting out and you are losing your small bankroll is that many poker pros have lost tens and thousands of bills in a single session. But, they managed to bounce back and become the poker pros they are today. So, keep your head high, follow these poker strategies, keep practising, and improving your skills.


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