Five Must Know Card Games to Play

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Card Games to Play: An Introduction

Ante or Blinds! The version you predetermine for you to begin a card game to play. Once everyone pays the boot amount or the ante amount, the game begins. Ante amount is the amount you pay at the beginning before you are given the cards. Whereas in a blind game only two players who are seated to the left of the dealer pay the amount before the cards are dealt. Blind amount can be said to whatsoever the table decides which would approximately be 1/100th of the total buy-in. 5 stud-poker game is the best card game form to bring you to an equilibrium with your strategical practice.

Ante is called the “nickel” amount. You put the nickel in the pot, and you deal out five cards each to every player on the table. Isn’t it the best card game ever dealing with your luck? Say for example, you tell yourself great cards, a pair of K’s or a pair of 10, it isn’t really a bad hand to start off with. Then the real game begins. Imagine lifting your cards and peeking to see pocket A’s! Oh, my my! What is a better hand? You bet, a friend asks for a check, another player calls and puts a dime into the pot, another friend raises and so on and so forth.

To the diverse history of card games, people usually pick the most played games. The world of online games has made games worth playing. These games usually invoke the use of your brains, strategies and they definitely have a great intrinsic value. Poker, Gin rummy, hearts, blackjack etc are getting popular with their online presence across the globe. Irrespective of the number of constructive games, poker stands on the top as the most played 2 player card game. All due respect to the skill and strategies you need to use to win it.

With the number of variations that poker offers, you are bound to get addicted. Be it Texas Hold’em, Omaha, five card stud or even Razz, you know you are addicted when you can’t stop playing every variation. With the availability of these variations in online poker, it literally takes you five minutes to learn and to master the art for a lifetime. Don’t worry, it’s really easy. There are reasons why poker games are world’s most popular form of entertainment. It is the most common game you play at a casino or online. Majorly online these days. You know you get confident when there is no real money involved.

There are typically two things enough in a card game, that is the betting according to the Ante and the blind. In an Ante, the betting starts with the player who is seated to the left of the dealer. In case of blinds, the betting usually begins with the player who is seated left to the big blind which is similar to Hold’em. Relatable much? The basic five card draw strategy is meant for people playing for too many hands. Tight is right! But it all depends on your hand selection.

But these are absolutely basic and the least amount you should bet on. To begin with the card games to play, poker is one of the most rated. Online poker is a trend now. In that case, matching the standards is, Spartan poker. It’s literally the best card game platform for beginners or pros. To brief down about the basic five card poker hands are: (Highest to the lowest)

HANDS                                                         CARDS (eg.)                                                           SUITS

Royal Flush                                                    A, K, J, Q, 1                                                           Same suit

Straight Flush                                                4, 5, 6, 7, 8                                                             Sequence and same suit

Four of a kind                                                K, K, K, K, 6                                                            Same rank, same suit not necessary

Full House                                                     9, 9, 9, 7, 7                                                              Pair and Three of a kind

Flush                                                              2, K, Q, 3, 7                                                            Same suit, no sequence

Straight                                                          1, 2, 3, 4, 5                                                             Sequence but different suit

Three of a kind                                              10, 10, 10, Q, 3                                                       Cards of the same rank

Two pair                                                          9, 9, 6, 6, K                                                            Two different pairs

Pair                                                                 A, A, 8, 6, 5                                                            Two cards of the same rank

High card                                                        2, 3, 1, K, 9                                                             ‘K’ plays the highest card

To enlist, the best card games in poker you need to know:

  • Texas Hold’em: One of the most aggressive and no limit is Texas Hold’em. If you really want to learn to play this stimulating game, head to Spartan poker which offers you online poker games. It is definitely a great place to start. Usually, each player is dealt with cards to create the best five-card hand. The game begins clockwise and starts from the left of the dealer. You generally play a small and big blind to start the betting and the rest depends on the pre-flop, the flop the turn, and the river!

  • Omaha: Buckle your seatbelt if you have learned your poker rules and are ready for bigger swings. It is similar to Texas but in this case, players hope to win the pot even with the best high hand. It’s more of a fast action game. You are technically dealt with five private cards which are also called “Hole cards”. Five cards from the deck are faced up on the board. In the case of a five-card Omaha, straights, and flushes do not count against a hand. To break it down further, there are formats that players follow in five-card Omaha. That are-limit five-card Omaha hi/lo, “limit five-card Omaha hi/lo, no limit five-card Omaha hi/lo.

Reading thousands of articles for hours and watching thousands of videos isn’t getting you to learn the basic five draw strategy. You just need a simple primer to jump into the game. Spartan poker, an online poker game is the biggest platform for beginners to learn and practice their strategies. Coming to the basic five-card strategy and how you deal with such takeaways are:

  • Avoid playing multiple hands and don’t bet high on smaller pairs.
  • Your position matters the most. It makes you the king.
  • Don’t limp, raise.
  • Don’t drag your hands until you choose to play blinds.
  •  Pay attention to your opponent’s hand and break a deal accordingly.
  • Get out after the flop if needed.

Rules to play a five-card poker game:

  •  Create a betting structure and play the small blind or the big blind accordingly.
  •  You either play, fold, call the blind, or perhaps raise.
  •  Remember that the playing position and the pot odds are considered the most.
  •  Your betting actions should be identical to the majority of the poker format.
  •  Do consider the betting structure of no limit, pot limit, or fixed limit.

Just a few fun facts about Poker to conclude it:

Fact 1:

Hold’em Variations like pineapple and crazy pineapple! Yes, these are legit variations. they are so popular that people find it very exciting to play such spin-offs. In both pineapple and crazy pineapple every player gets three cards instead of a typical to Cards. In pineapple, players get to discard one of their cards before the flop opens. In case of crazy pineapple players usually wait to see what flop opens up Before they discard their cards. Now you literally have an extra card which could make a big hand, it could be way more entertaining than the normal way.

Fact 2:

You can make a living out of playing online poker. You know poker is all about your skills to deal with the hands. Once you ace the art you can be better amongst most of the people in local tournaments. Online poker players tend to become more well-versed with the hands and the probability. Imagine making big bucks just by playing online poker!

Fact 3:

There are literally online poker schools. Poker is one of the best 2 player card games to play which sticks to the rules and tricks. Every aspect of this game depends on your gut feeling and your skill.

Fact 4:

August 2, 1876, is the date when the card player Wild Bill Hickok was shot for holding A, A, 8, 8. Therefore this pair is called “Dead Man’s Hand”. Scary? Don’t be. You never know it could make you a multi-billionaire.

Spartan poker gives you are a plethora of card games to play under one roof. Real money poker games? You get the same experience while playing online. Want to try the “Dead Man’s Hand”?


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