Spartan Poker brings you the opportunity to ‘ENCASH’ exciting rewards


Spartan Poker has become the go-to destination for all passionate poker players. It ensures to provide the best of gaming technology and service to its audience along with a fresh and exciting library of tournaments. This month, Spartan Poker brought ‘Freedom of Cash’, a popular cash promotion on its platform. ‘Freedom of Cash’ provides ample opportunities for the poker participants to win big and unique cash prizes. This cash series has come up with a brand-new cash promotion ‘ENCASH’ where players get a chance to win rewards like never before.


‘ENCASH’ is a weekly cash promotion contest that keeps their players on toes to play maximum hands and earn huge rewards. Already have begun  from 4th August, ‘ENCASH’ is one of the most popular cash promotion of ‘Freedom of Cash.’ This cash promotion offers electrifying games and opens avenues to win as many rewards as possible. The tournament has 2 categories/ leaderboards Gold and Silver for No-Limit Texas Holdem (NLH) and Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) tables.



So gear yourselves up by opting-in using the code "ENCASH" to get a chance to win maximum cash rewards only on Spartan Poker.