As Poker players, each one of us still have that fear inside us of losing. Be it an expert player or a starter, everyone needs to practice a lot to become a pro. Even a pro need practice to ace the play when in an ongoing game. Warming up yourself not only helps you win the game for the time being but also motivates you to play better and become an expert in the future.

Here are a few steps you need you need to practice to warm up before you start a new game:

Don't get distracted:

It's your internet browsers, phones/social media platforms, TV/movies/Youtube videos, gossips, etc. that keeps you distracted all the time. Put your phone away to play well and make sure you and have a bottle of water aside to avoid any hindrances during your smart play.

Control your anger and keep your attitude in check:

The thing we need to have a control over here, is our attitude. Starting your game session with the correct attitude and mindset is a key to attain success. Take deep breaths or meditate and think about the results you want from your session. Set them as goals. This is a way of making a move to win.

Remember what you studied or learnt after your previous session:

Studying your moves is important to succeed in poker. Dedicate a particular time to study the game properly. But studying becomes pointless if you fail to apply what you're learning. So, make sure what you've learnt is fresh in your mind by spending a few minutes reflecting on it before starting the game.

Steady your mental state to help yourself cool down quick:

Before you start the game, take some time to think deeply to eliminate factors that affect your game. Take time to check what's not good for you before you start playing. Even when you're feel good, it's important to take some time to enter stable state of mind. Do something relaxing before you start playing - listening to music can help, meditation is also a great solution.

Warming yourself up can act as a motivation to win big before a professional play. Make it a point to practice as much as you can if you really want to be the one!