6 Card Omaha Strategy

6 Card Omaha poker games are entertaining. A little twist is added in this poker variant to make the games interesting and exciting.

Cards In 6 Card Omaha Poker Game

Players are given six private cards known as hole cards and five common cards known as community cards in 6 card Omaha poker games. They have to use two-hole cards and three community cards to make a winning poker hand.


The 6 Card Omaha game is mostly played at the pot limit. Two players add blinds to the table. Once the blinds are added, the betting starts in the preflop round.

Preflop: The players can see their six-hole cards and start betting. In the pre-flop round, no one knows what the strength of their poker hand is going to be. After the pre-flop round, the community cards open for the players to make their poker hand.

Flop: Three community cards open in the flop round.

Turn: Fourth community card opens in the turn round.

River: The last and fifth community card opens in the river round. After seeing all the community cards, players can make a poker hand using only two-hole cards and any three community cards.

Showdown: All the players show their poker hand. The player who has strongest of all poker hands is declared as the winner of 6 card Omaha poker game.

Importance of Strategy in Poker Games

Strategy is important in winning any poker game. The basic of all poker games is to use your mental skills and win the game. The strength of the cards can make you win the showdown; however, a lot of players never reach the showdown. Most poker games are won by smart gameplay which throws the opponents out of the game.

What Is A Winning Strategy In Omaha Poker Games?

In 6 card Omaha poker games, just having good starting hands is not enough. The 6 card Omaha strategy is more about using the community cards to play against your opponents. The reason is that though you have six cards in the pre-flop round, you can use only two cards out of those cards to make the final poker hand. The six cards do not form the poker hand, but they can help decide the strength of your poker hand.

A good 6 Card Omaha strategy is to find out how your starting hand can help in forming a poker hand. For example, let us suppose there are two cards J and K in your starting cards. These are good cards and if the community cards that open in the flop are 10, Q, A, you get a strong poker hand of the cards 10-J-Q-K-A. Also, if you have suited cards like ?5, ?7, ? J as hole cards, there is a possibility that you will get a flush of hearts when the community cards open. Consider your cards as starting hand as strong if you have organized cards mentioned above.

Dangler in 6 Card Omaha

A dangler in 6 Card Omaha is when none of your cards are organized. To be honest, most of your starting cards in 6 Card Omaha are going to be a dangler. Your 6 Card Omaha strategy should be to play these cards in the best possible way. If you do not actively play a dangler, you are likely to be thrown out of the game by other players. Always choose your 6 Card Omaha strategy after observing the table situation instead of cards.

Hope you understood the basics of 6 Card Omaha and 6 cards Omaha Strategy. Play a real game online or with your friends to get a hang of this poker variant.