Satellite Poker Tournament In India

Poker is undoubtedly the most popular card game across the globe. Involving some interesting elements like predicting, betting and strategies to steer towards the winning title.

Over the years, India has emerged as a haven for poker. Many online poker, as well as offline poker platform, has been introduced that has significantly contributed to taking the poker game to a whole new level in the country.

There are some unique poker tournaments in India that have bagged ample popularity with their distinctive gameplay and rewarding criteria.  

A satellite poker tournament is also one of the popular poker tournaments that rewards the players in the best way possible. With its unique concept of lesser buy-ins that get you through bigger events, satellite tournaments have become a popular poker tournament.

Today, satellite tournaments are a prominent part of every poker platform and a favoured choice for poker enthusiasts aspirations. Apart from a recreational poker tournament, satellites are also an imperative element of making a profit in the game professionally.

What is a Satellite Poker Tournament?

Satellite poker tournaments are undoubtedly a prominent part of the online poker arena. A satellite poker tournament is one such tournament that is considered as a qualifying event. It is basically a larger buy-in event, in layman terms, it is the smallest buy-in event where the winner gets free entry tickets to bigger events.

Many professional poker players have mounted up their bankrolls with satellite poker tournaments. A satellite poker tournament is considered as a qualifying event that gets you close to the main event.

Basically, poker satellite tournaments are the gateway towards extravagant poker tournaments. For instance, if a poker event has a buy-in of INR 1000 and the player is not able to meet the buy-in requirement, satellite tournament gives him/her a chance to redeem into the game with a lesser buy-in (INR 100). Winning the satellite tournament will get the player free tickets to play the bigger events.

A majority online poker tournament aims at rewarding players with exciting surprises and satellite poker tournament are the ideal surprises that reward the players in the best way possible.

Though there are many offline satellite tournaments, online poker tournaments are the most popular ones. Some of the leading poker platforms offer several tiers of satellites that let you win even more rewardingly.

What makes satellite poker tournaments online Attractive and Exciting?

There’s no doubt in asserting that satellite poker tournaments are exciting and tempting due to their lesser buy-ins. The exciting factor of high buy-in events within smaller stakes makes this tournament a favoured choice for all the poker enthusiasts.

Just like the promise of the alchemist to turn water into gold, satellites tournaments certainly seems too good to be true because of its unique concept.

Satellite tournaments enable all the poker enthusiasts to reach their desired humongous event without much investment on the same. Apart from the attractive and tempting benefits of a satellite poker tournament, there are plenty of things that have to be kept in mind while playing online poker.

Keeping an account of your bankroll is one of the imperative factors to be considered while playing a satellite poker tournament.

While smaller stakes can be a tempting option to hop-in, it is always essential to remain diligent about the bankroll. There’s a thumb rule for playing satellite poker tournament that it is not wise to invest more than 5% of your bankroll on satellites, keeping your investments between 2-3% is the smartest move you could make in a satellite tournament.

When a player enters into the satellite tournament, he/she is not buying-in to the target tournament but is getting a chance to enter the target tournament that too free.

Spartan Poker has contributed immensely in bringing poker satellite tournaments into the mainstream poker gaming arena.

From introducing new and innovative ways to bring satellite tournaments into the limelight to rewarding the players in the best way possible, Spartan Poker has always bought something exciting to the table when it comes to satellite poker tournaments.

Satellite tournaments: Quite Different From The Lot

A majority of people think satellite poker is similar to the other poker tournaments. Many people don't pay attention to the nuances of satellite tournaments that often end in planning impotent strategies to win.

Everyone Who Conquer Satellite is A Winner!

In a general poker event with a buy-in of INR 100 and if the tournament receives 100 entries the prize pool will be INR 10,000.

In a normal poker tournament, the first position winner would make approx 4-5K, and second place winner would take away 2K.

Whereas, in a satellite poker tournament, the maximum a player can win is the free entry to the bigger event making the winner win the direct entry ticket and the winners of 2nd to 10th place winners will win the exact same prize.

Type And Size of Tournament

Generally, the size of the tournament is bigger and the larger the tournament the shorter bubble will be. If the satellite poker is giving away 100 seats, there are a lot more chances of more hands and people to bust in the game.

Prize Size

It is important to follow the guidelines to predict the bubble size. For instance, if the player is playing INR 100 tournament for 1000 seats vs. Rs. 500 tournament for 25,000 seats, it is quite predictable what will be the bubble length.

Satellite Poker Tournaments Strategy

Satellite tournaments are often considered an underrated poker tournament, but it requires the same zest and zeal required for any other big poker event.

Though the general poker strategy may work for satellite tournaments, it is advised to change the playing style a bit in order to reap better benefits.

If the satellite poker tournament structure is similar to turbo tournament, the player would need to be agile and hustle to stay ahead of the chip average.

A majority of online satellite tournaments involves smaller starting stacks and shorter levels, that eventually reduces the skill advantage.

Below are some of the quick strategies to play satellite poker tournaments in India and emerge victoriously.

1. Know how many entries can be won: 

It is always better to know how many seats are available for winners, before you invest a buy-in and the time to play. If there are very few seats and you aren’t very confident of winning, you’ll save yourself some time and money.

2. Play Satellites with more seats:

Always try to look for games where there are many seats up for grabs at the end. This way, you’ll be sure to win one, if you play well enough, and your odds of winning will improve, as well.

3. Target Tournament:

Before entering a Satellite tournament, make sure that the target tournament, for which the entries are being awarded, is one you actually want to play, or will be available to play. You don’t want the game to be a wasteful exercise.

4. Take chances:

Sometimes satellite tournaments can also be turbo or super turbo tournaments. Basically, they’ll move rapidly and swing drastically from up to down. However, as a player you should be willing to take risks and make bold moves when faced with challenges.

5. Pay attention to every small detail:

Keep a track of the position and avoid multiple pots. Be a smart investor. Don't waste your bankroll playing satellite.

Satellite poker tournaments are definitely blessing in disguise for those who want to play big. Follow the above-mentioned strategies to play satellites smartly and keep your eye always on the prize! 

In the end, we’ve given you a good starter guide on Satellite Tournaments. Now, you need to start playing and get some practice. So, come join us at Spartan, and download poker app now!